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My proposal is for another minigame not unlike the DOFF system.

I want to be able to "Gerry-rig" my ships systems.
You could have a few different categories:

Astrometrics: finding systems to explore that aren't on the traditional maps
Engineering: Warp plazma coil enhancements and such
Science: Boosting censors
Tactical: weapon enhancements\

the first three could be done at any time but the last one tactical would need to be done DURING combat!
Open up the Mods window and the game would have several connections to turn off and on to "re-route" systems on the fly to gain temporary buffs to said systems at the cost of others.

I realize we kind of have this with our power sliders but this would be above and beyond what the sliders represent.

With several successful enhancements in a row some to the modifications could be permanent the would encourage experimentation.
Failures would disable systems for short periods of time crawling around in those Geoffry-tubes during combat wouldn't be without it's risks.


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