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Originally Posted by stodatapiocard View Post
We should kick you in the butt for talking about star wars on a STAR TREK WEBSITE!!!!!!!!
You once accused my mother of abusing me or some such for just telling you the facts of how the game works. How i was not understanding or some such. But i never threated to attack you. Now who is not being understanding....
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not powerful, but very cool ? they going to make you look AMAZING!
Cartel coins = Cartel packs
Zen = Lock boxes
It does not looks so. It seems that some skins/uniforms etc will be winable and they wont affect the game, just makes you look cooler.

As I see it it will be as if Cryptic packed Jupiter Uniforms or Kaitian race into lockboxes while puttin D'Kora and Bug into C-Store. Which makes sense from my point of view. Gamble for things you want (but not need) to play while you can still buy the things you need (or think you need) from the store.
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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
No this thread shouldn't.
The rule of the forum is that any thread more then 30 days old cannot be posted in. If it is posted in it gets closed. That is the way every thread on this forum is handled.

Between July 7th and September 28th this thread has no posts in it. Because of that it should have been closed on the 28th as a zombie thread.
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Just gonna bump this every once in a while now that I know it exists.

1.4 is here! The updates are meeeeh.

Waiting for F2P still.
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To be able to smile and forgive everything;
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Well I just took a look at the new info about the upcoming free to play for TOR. What I read made me facepalm, literally.

They've been giving these cartel coins (the TOR equivalent of zen) out to people that have been active subscribers prior to the changeover, going back to day 1. Makes sense right? Heres the kicker: they are handing out these points to everyone (including free players that are there the day it changes over - see the 250 coin bonus) but they have made it so that in order to actually get these 'complimentary' coins (and that IS the word they use) you have to be a paying subscriber. In other words, in order to use these complimentary coins, you have to A) pay to sub to get them in the first place and then B) pay again to stay subbed on a free game in order to claim and use them. and that also includes the bonus coins given to free players that sign up the day it goes free (its supposed to be a promotion)

Frankly its absurd. Whats the point of handing out something free, as a reward, that you have to pay to redeem in the first place? Especially when its a free game. Some reward that is. Not to mention the purpose behind giving a promotional reward that you can't even use without paying, to celebrate going free, completely baffles me. did someone take an anti common sense pill over there or something?

The only thing good I can say about it is that its a considerably worse set of restrictions than cryptic implemented. Apparently you can't even equip purple items without paying for a 'license' with coins.

I know this is EA we're talking about here but wtf??

I can't say this is a good sign of things to come from EA
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Well EA is up for sale. And after the budget that was totally wasted by SWTOR development there is just no way to call it a successful game even if they managed to recover development costs. They are selling out already to make something akin to a reasonable profit and bing players of STO that's something we should understand in motion...
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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Bought a copy of SWG a few years ago and never pulled it out of the box (it was pre-revision), Was on a fan site a couple weeks ago and apparently the server software went open source and there's already a couple groups running Galaxies servers with the pre-revision world. Am thinking about setting up the emulator and game after my STO sub expires.
SWGEmu is not finished yet. The server code did not go open source, it has been rewritten by fans from the ground up.

There are one or two "playable" servers out there, but they are nowhere near finished. If you are joining SWGEmu, you want where you can join the Nova test server, or the Basilisk 'play' server (which is basically the stuff they have ready-ish but is in no way, shape, or form, anywhere near complete).
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News Link Here:

You devs need to be careful with your future decisions in this game. TOR is one of your main competitors, and now that they are going F2P, losing players is a definite possibility.
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I suspect that's the reason they're releasing Season 7 on the 13th. Still, if the rumors are true, TOR's F2P doesn't stand for Free to Play but rather Free to Pay. It's a pity, its predecessors (KOTOR1 and KOTOR2) were such good games.
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Read up on their f2p model... Even with all of the grind we have here it's still a lot better than playing TOR for free. Unless they adjust the model it will cost more to play for free than to have a sub.

Besides it's not like losing players wasn't a definite possibility before, hell S7 bears the same risk one way or the other lol

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