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11-11-2012, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by blindsaviour666 View Post
Read up on their f2p model... Even with all of the grind we have here it's still a lot better than playing TOR for free. Unless they adjust the model it will cost more to play for free than to have a sub.

Besides it's not like losing players wasn't a definite possibility before, hell S7 bears the same risk one way or the other lol
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11-11-2012, 11:34 AM
Would it be fair to say that any other MMO is a competitor to every MMO? If that is the case then any decision Cryptic makes could lose players.

In my opinion they are in a Catch 22 no matter what they do. Players need to decide to call it a day and either leave or stay.

I also think people are going to try SWTOR for a time which means there will be an exodus of some sort. Whether those numbers stay permanent is another matter. Heck, I'll bet some STO players will return because of Season 7 and make the same choice: stay or leave (again).
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11-11-2012, 11:35 AM
Like how they lost all their players to TOR the last time it launched? oh wait...

Look, now its free to play its probably more of a threat, but the game is still largely the same. Free or not people started bailing after the first few months. I really doubt it was the $15 but the fact it was not really that great.

In saying that, it should not be overlooked and its not the time to be complacent. Now is the time to try and attract customers just in case TOR does turn it around.

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11-11-2012, 11:36 AM
You seriously think TOR is truely a competitor with STO?

It's not... SW has it's fanbase, and so does ST... Both will stick with their camp respectively, and some will switch from STO to TOR, and vice versa respectively.

The whole idea that TOR is compeditor to sto is silly because of that reason... There will also be a constant influx and outflux of new players...

H*ll... even comparing F2P models dosen't apply, because even the core fans of each franchise will have different tolerance levels and expectations.

Take me... I would'n touch TOR with a 10 foot pole, while being protected by 10 inches of bullet-resistant glass and wearing a EV suit.
I don't like the F2P model at all, but in my eyes, STO will always be a better choice.
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As others have said, with the TOR F2P model as it stands now, TOR isn't a threat to any existing MMO (in fact it's way less a threat now, then when it launched back in December 2011.)

If anything, after new TOR F2P players experience that F2P model, (and unless EA responds to the reaction which I think will be negative) - Disney and EA may decide to close down the game (yes, I think the model is THAT bad.) Further, given they haven't really addressed the major issues that caused the game tio go from 1.7 million to under 500K subs in less then 10 months (and no, the $15 a month sub fee wasn't the main reason); SWToR game population will continue to decline in the long run.

But, time will tell.
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If TOR doesnt get some quality space combat, as I die hard Trekkie I'll never be tempted by that game, even F2P. Im already spending a few dollars here every few months. Ive only got time to devote to one MMO, and its STO. If STO didnt exist, then Id be at TOR for F2P. I just dont let myself get caught up in the hype of needing every shiny and top end gear here at STO and play the game at my pace and what my wallet feels like.
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With that F2P model the only threat is to themselves, its awful and with them adding things like bikini bottoms to buy it just cheapens Star Wars even more.

I love Star Wars but ever since 1999 its gone down hill so fast even Lucas bailed
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TOR is the biggest flop in MMO history. I played it for 4 months and will never go back, even when it goes F2P. Its just a cry for desperation, and in the end its not Star Trek
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11-11-2012, 02:04 PM
SWTOR is a completely different thing. I greatly prefer its ground combat over STO's. So far, I like the story.

If you don't care about PvP or largescale grinding, like me, it's a fine alternative, in its current f2p model. However, it too has its shortcomings, and I will most like play both games for some time. Right up until I get my hands on a cheap copy of ME3, then I'll play that a little. Followed by AC:R and TW:Rome 2.

I'd say a gaming population is per definition a highly volatile thing, always in flux. There's always other games on the horizon, as well as people just finding out about an older game.
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Originally Posted by twam View Post
I'd say a gaming population is per definition a highly volatile thing, always in flux. There's always other games on the horizon, as well as people just finding out about an older game.
What matters is subscriptions and since there are monthly any rises and loses caused by a new release are simply population statistical anomalies, this is why WoW remained strong over long years that seen many MMO releases and its decline is relative recent.

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