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12-01-2011, 08:53 AM
STO's space part totally blows away TOR's. I plan on playing both. Qa'pla and May the force be with you.
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12-01-2011, 08:56 AM
Even with TOR's lack of space content, I would be really happy with the game in it's final form if I had a better character designer. STO's character designer let's you get your characters almost exactly as you want them to loo. TOR's character designer as it is now is very ... General, in it's application. Oh well, still not a bad game.
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12-01-2011, 09:17 AM
TOR's space combat is very much a lighter version of freelancer type point and shoot but on rails, it's a nice diversion from the ground based stuff but not as engaging as STO's. I was hoping for something more sto like in space rather than a 5min on rails minigame.

Ground combat varies from class to class. I got bored pretty quickly of BH and trooper as it's just stand and shoot where the smuggler and agent have a movement mechanic, dirty kick needs to be in more games. And as melee combat goes I thought the lightsabring was done pretty well though my preference was flinging lightning bolts from range.

Will likely be playing both. While TOR is kind of wow with lightsabres The story's seem pretty well written and do differ for the classes which will aid the altoholics.

Short version STO for space and TOR for ground.
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12-01-2011, 09:26 AM
Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
Testing SW:TOR over the Thanksgiving Weekend was a great experience. Game was very clean, hardly any bugs that I noticed beyond what they had in the known issues list. Story was very enjoyable and some times shockingly awesome and brutal. (Hi Dark side sith!)
You were lucky then. After 3 hours, I ran into a bug with the UI while just moving things in my inventory. I could still move around and rotate the camera, but I couldn't click any buttons. I had to Alt-F4 to get out of it. When I tried to log back in, the character was too borked to load. So that was the end of the testing for me.

I wasn't alone -- others had characters they couldn't log into also. I think basic character management is *main* point in an MMO. I'm worried....
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12-01-2011, 09:28 AM
Yeah it's character designer is one thing i hope they elaborate on. In some places they offer ample options but in other places (some very illogical IMO) they don't.

like the tattooes for the zabrak, there's only ten and this is one of the primary features that differentiates one zabrak from another, at the risk of letting anyone know i've played it, 'star wars: clone wars adventures' has more tattoo options than that.

and with some of the other species they mix markings with sometimes VERY horrid and trailer trash whorish makeup, so you might get some good species markings but they're only available with the really bad makeup, those two things should have been seperated completely as two different categories.

though with what we got i did atleast manage to make my characters look different from each other, its good to see the whole face structure change with the body types so i was able to make a cute innocent looking jedi, a mean looking bounty hunter, a suave looking smuggler and a deceptively smexy looking sith assassin.

The rest is amazing, i love the group conversation dynamic, even while solo it really draws your actual character into the story versus the standard MMOG textbox. I even enjoy the space combat for what it is.

Aside from that though, i bought my lifetime sub to STO specifically because of TOR, i KNEW i'd want to play both but didn't want to be subbing to two MMOGs at once.
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12-01-2011, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
played the beta this weekend...

i wasn't overly impressed

it's fun but it's not worth $15 to me...

i had one repeatable crash (end of first flashpoint, and i wasn't the only one)
a pixel error (there is a bright orange fixed pixel on the screen that never goes away, once you've seen it you can't look away anymore)
and 2 quests that were just broken and could not be finished.

the graphics...
lets just say the graphics will not make me want to buy this game... and STO just looks better.

i did not like that in the whole time i played i did not find a single Helmet (i was on the 2nd planet already and a lvl 15 Bounty Hunter... in 2 days... but no Helmet anywhere, not on me, not on any other Players... that sux, i want my Helmet.... it's raining... my hair gets wet...)

the armor that i had made me look like a clown most of the time...
and every other Bounty Hunter had more or less the same armor pieces that if found myself...

the good about it is the *open world* you constantly run into other players, see them do their thing, sometimes you team up for a quest or two and move on (just because you see that other guy is doing the same thing as you), and i was playing a "Flashpoint" (which is something like a STF maybe?) on level 10 already together with other players... -> feels much more like an MMO

that was a bit more fun than STO's singleplayer missions all the time...
but in the end i would not want to trade.

give me some proper open world planets and a bunch of good voice overs for STO and i'm happy with STO as it is... just... add more content ASAP plz.

quest bugs (show stoppers)
no anti aliasing option
at the end of beta does not say quality product to me, but rather rushed development...

this all feels very familiar,
where have i seen this pattern before?
oh right... every other MMO i ever played.

first sell the most expensive Pre Order Retail Box you can justify with an unfinished and unpolished Product, then suck out the Subscription market for one or two years and when the Retail Box is cheaper then the subscription change to F2P.
Thats why its called a Beta.

Anti Aliasing has probably been disabled on purpose, possibly because it gave some problems with some drivers? You could enable Anti Aliasing manually if you know how to do that. (google is your friend

Texture quality was low but it was also pretty clear that the textures have been either downsampled or in any case lowered on purpose. As far as I know they decreased the texture quality to minimize the amount of Data needed to be downloaded. If you've played more games in the past and fiddled around with the graphics settings for a bit you would surely have recognized this.

Ive acknowledged the pixel in the screen myself, a time or two. tbh I thought it was a dead pixel but it was at all not annoying or frustrating.

I havent had a single crash or disconnect at the time I played myself, and I had really good PvE experience so far in the game. Some armors looked silly and some looked pretty cool. The Character customization was a little simplistic but the overall look of my female toons look way better then in STO imo. Cute and smooth

The only thing I will regret is the space part of this game, and I would most likely always prefer STO space above TOR space. Summary;

- TOR blows STO away with ground
- STO blows TOR away with space.

All in all I think this game is already much more polished and u might not believe it but I have rarely seen any bug in the game in the time Ive played, I cannot say the same for STO unfortunately.

I'm sure TOR will be polished alot more in the upcoming months after the game has been released.
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12-01-2011, 06:52 PM
Took a trip through last weekend's beta as well - it pretty much served as a "trial" for me as I was still on the fence on whether or not to invest in the game. Turns out that my initial criticisms were confirmed, but that its good sides still outweigh the bad ones, at least for me. In short, it was an enjoyable experience.

It's not a "real" MMO, though. More like KotOR 3 with optional co-op and social stuff. The storytelling is compelling and made me want to see how the various class plots end. After this, however, I don't see much to do. Unlike most other MMOs, TOR has very little endgame potential. In short, it's like a singleplayer game you pay a monthly fee for. Not that this has to be bad; it's a fee that I am willing to expend. I simply have my doubts that TOR will keep the majority of its players for more than, say, 6 months. At least from what I've seen so far.

And yes, its "space combat" is a railshooter afterthought. Completely dismissable. I did not truly expect anything else, though. TOR is not SWG.

Originally Posted by Marctraider View Post
Texture quality was low but it was also pretty clear that the textures have been either downsampled or in any case lowered on purpose.
Client-side resource conservation, I think. I did notice that my character's face looked a lot less crisp when I zoomed in during normale gameplay - but at the login screen and during dialogue events, it's like a different world.
I wonder if there will be an option to disable the "downgrading" later on.

For comparison:
my Sith Warrior in the login screen <-> my Trooper in the game

You barely see the Trooper's scar; it is much more visible in the high-quality textures that are used in character creation, login screen and ingame-dialogues / events. The Sith Warrior's facial tattoo is quite "washed-out" and blurred in the game, too.
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12-01-2011, 07:25 PM
Originally Posted by Valias
And yes, its "space combat" is a railshooter afterthought. Completely dismissable. I did not truly expect anything else, though. TOR is not SWG.
The upside with the "space combat" is that the XP is at least good....I find it rather simplistic and easy to do....
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12-01-2011, 07:59 PM
Having played the SWTOR beta last weekend, i've got to say it's not as good as I thought it would be. I pre-ordered the silly edition (CE) but soon cancelled that after I played the game. I'm glad I got the chance to "test".

I'm still going to play the game, but i'll be sticking with STO and probably play STO more than SWTOR (Not just because i'm a lifetimer).

There's a few bugs where you get stuck in the terrain, graphical glitches and NPC's still stand when dead. The character customisation is a joke for a new MMO. Zones to me just feel cramped, rushed and too small. The map and NPC's are confusing...... not saying any more :p
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12-01-2011, 08:01 PM
I watched a gameplay video over at about TOR earlier. Have to say it looks rather bland considering all the hype it's gotten.

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