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Ok the two givens are:

1. A fully working KDF faction
2. Romulan Faction

Ok We all get that for the major wish list items in STO, but what do you want to see after that is put into play? I have ideas, butI don't see building your own ships happening yet, or Fleet Starbases getting added soon. heheh

So what's on your list.
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01-17-2012, 01:03 PM
Mission Content: leveling (for both Factions), end-game (new STFs and Dailies), and PvP (new maps, objects, etc). If Cryptic spent 2012 on that STO would be back on the map rather then just average, IMO.
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01-17-2012, 01:36 PM
Missions. I'm basically in a CXP holding pattern until FE4, and I just can't get the motivation to level my intended carrier captain until there's something new to do that my old Lethean tactical officer didn't already do five times.

This is also the primary limitation on getting the KDF up to par - they've got a fine array of ships now and analogs to the things that used to be Fed only, but it's still a matter of piling more toys into the sandbox instead of filling it with sand.

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