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I purchased the Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit (Intrepid, Vice Admiral, "Voyager") the one with the Ablative Armor, via the website on 2 Jan 2012 approx 00:15 PDT (or is it 1:15, I dunno, I'm not in the USA).

When I logged in to my tactical officer toon, it says I already have it in my inventory. I do not. Looking at C-Store in-game tells me the same thing, that it is already in my inventory, the cost is "Available" and the "BUY" button is greyed out.

I switched to a different toon, and that one is ok, available to be claimed and the button is clickable.

When I purchased via the website, the character I used was the tactical officer one. Before anyone asks, yes I purchased it to be unlockable for all future Fed toons, and I may make another a Sci toon.

Do I need to submit a ticket in-game to get help on this?

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