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Originally Posted by Pollywog View Post
You put this in her biography?

I had a teacher once who asked "Would you go to a doctor if you knew they had failed organic chemistry in college?" I am not sure what to think about that. I suppose their undergraduate performance would not matter to me as much as how they did in medical school.

The Medical School would concern me more as well. They could have just slept through their undergrad courses.

But yes. Yes, I did put it in to her Bio.

She also has the Long-Term Medical Hologram that used to babysit her on-board her parents' ship as child. She took the memory-files with her. She gets her BFF Holo 'Cindy' to do the work and then she takes the credit for it.

On a related note, I am looking forward to Female Science Androids so that Cindy can do Fire's tasks for her on Away Missions, too.

Originally Posted by chooch99 View Post

Bio's are not meant to just be what is on the character's public records.

They are often written with OOC information that is meant to be read as a player, not as the character.

My lil' Fire Bel might have a reputation. We don't know.

Originally Posted by TrueWarper
Reported to Starfleet Medical....

Nooo! Now they will test her and expect her do her own work! How could you?!?

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