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01-07-2012, 02:39 AM

Give the Gravitic Anchor some Kinetic damage.
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01-07-2012, 02:59 AM
Originally Posted by Zeuxidemus
I might as well just start using crafted gear because these new sets do not really do crap. The way cryptic is putting these nerfs in to try to make these new sets look decent isn't a good way to go imo. Plus I will have to remind anyone from Cryptic reading this that theres no sense in any player going after the Honor Guard space set for that mask energy field ability if you do not fix the pets and pets commands first. On top of that you guys nerfed the pets as well as broke them that even though I love carriers I'm getting to the point where they are going to collect dust because their dps is crappy now, they do not follow orders, and majority of the pets will not even attack your target. I am sure if I played fed side as much as KDF I'd find similar discrepancies on that side too.

You know... I can't help but wonder if that isn't sort of the point- or at least one of them- of this rebalance. For far too long (since their inception really) the space sets have been *the* end game gear for any given character, and even though you'd see the occasional highly specific niche build using crafted or non-set space gear, those items were still universally worse and ill regarded compared to the set items.

Now, either Cryptic can buff those hundreds of items, or do a rebalance/nerf to a much smaller pool of items- and I think they've chosen the latter.

Does this hurt when one considers the unchanging rest of the game's balance consideration, some of which (STFs) were balanced around the assumption that the participants had the old and busted space sets?


Does that mean that this change wasn't long in coming? Notsomuch.

Cryptic generally has a record of not doing things for completely arbitrary reasons, and involving the community when they make widespread changes- this very thread is evidence of that. So I imagine that they'll listen to the non-doomsaying feedback and actually look into making this transition as smooth as possible.

Now that being said, I'd love for the sets to all be buffed up to the same level of awesome, not nerfed into mediocrity, and generally speaking, Cryptic appears to agree with me. The improvements on the sets do seem to raise them up, but right now there are various bugs (the Aegis +power gen ability borkness) that are interfering with testing. So getting an accurate read is less than likely.

There's also some definite changes to make- the Omega Force/Kellerun/Neutral set is by far easily the weakest of the three. While the set 2 bonus has been buffed to a sizable level (over 200% as strong as before, with minor caveats), the rest of the set is rather anemic and doesn't seem worth the sacrifice to get that king of all shield stripping bonuses. And while the Gravitic Anchor seems like a cool power vs Borg Cubes, that's about all it is. Maybe it it also had a 100% chance of knocking the target's engines offline *cough*Cryptic*cough*MACO set 3*cough* then we might see the possibility for more use, but as it is...

Regenerative shields are generally considered the worst shield type for a reason, and the engine is pretty much garbage.


The Omega Force/Kellerun (It still says it's the Kellerun set in the tooltips, you never fixed that)/Neutral Set:


Right now the engine is the weakest part of the set. The intention seems to be 'sacrifice functionality for EXTREME SPEED', but the speed seems to be relatively generic and the game doesn't really reward strafing. I guess the +defense bonus from moving faster is there, but isn't that capped?

Possible changes: Add in an 'always on while moving' bonus similar to the Aegis' 'Duranium Shadows' set 2 bonus, but attached to the engines themselves. Something like:

When moving, apply:
Temporal Dilation Inverter
*Scaling +X defense vs all energy damage.

This would stack with the built in defense increase for moving faster, and encourage players to use the engine, speed around, and generally do cool stuff. It'd also make up for the engine being a complete waste of space as it currently is.

(Fluffwise, it would be what it says. By using experimental technology, the time dilation effects of traveling beyond the normal 'high impulse' safety limits are reversed- when an enemy fires a non-self-propelled weapon, there's a chance that the ship is already gone from where it visually appears to be. Conversely, a torpedo with its own sensors and whatever, would be able to correct its course and mitigate this advantage)

It might take some tech, but if you could have the game check to see whenever this defense bonus is what causes an enemy shot to miss or do reduced damage or w/e, and then implement the new 'miss visual tech' and with some sort of distortion pic, where the ship maybe flickers and slides a la holographic ships (but without the wavy shimmer), it'd be even cooler.

But that's just added icing.
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01-07-2012, 03:18 AM
I know that graphics was a different issue to the rebalancing but ill mention it here. I equipped the omega set and the maco and was in ds9 space map. when the ship moves the graphics look pretty bad. there are blocky lines and shadows moving all over it. it seems even worse when dx11 is switched on.

i had the maco shield from before when it was called elite force and it seemed fine back then, so i assume its the graphics update.
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01-07-2012, 05:00 AM
I may be blunt, doomsayer, too honest whatever you want to call me but I don't play around. I'm gonna call it as it is. WIthout the torpedo bonus for KHG set that set would be as worthless as the other 2 are. Honestly as well it looks like as a KDF player what you want me to do is equip a KHG set and then pretend I am a clown juggling around an omega and retro borg engine while I am in sector space. I think the thing that was upsetting the most with omega set it was stated a lot of these items being added never made it to testing and everything being removed was removed. For the life of me trying to find something positive or motivating where I feel like I have to have one of these sets which is what is expected when you are playing a game you want to be excited about just isnt there with this season 5 stuff with STF gear now.
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01-07-2012, 05:48 AM
Originally Posted by Trek17
well, as Alendiak says a few posts below yours, they've merely been rebalanced. in this case, it's removing the multi-purpose (which is slight OP compared to the others), but still making sure they work well enough for their purpose (against the Borg)

and i'm aware that Borg tech is supposed to be the best, but this is a game with a balance (however loosely), so it can't be that good like the shows
It does not matter how much you try to sugarcoat it.
The simple fact is that its been NERFED Big-Time.
And my efforts to obtain a "second set" on the same character is now completely wasted.

On simply just does not "repurpose" sets like a year after they came out, it just isn't done.
A small tweak here and there maybe, but not like this.

In addition, these changes in fact give us even LESS survivability against the Borg, on Elite STF's that is.
We have become significantly more squishier now, as cubes can easily strip the shields of most ships without a Neutralizer.
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01-07-2012, 06:58 AM
Its really sad because these sets I can't go and call it fluff because that would be an improvement to the changes made.
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01-07-2012, 08:44 AM
I'm pretty much done with the gear analysis for today's livestream of STOked so hopefully it will be received postiively .
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01-07-2012, 09:33 AM
So I'm looking at the set changes and first thing I notice right away is the deflectors absolutely suck. Gone are almost all of the bonuses to actual science skills, instead the deflectors get a list of bonuses that are all defensive. So science ships lose big time and must either forgo the set deflector for an offensive one, or get the painfully useless deflectors that no longer help actual science.

Come on guys, you made all the set deflectors useless for the skills that actually need a deflector. Not one of them is good for actual science powers. And my escorts that use subsystem targeting? Yes they lose big too. So I'm very unhappy about the deflector changes. In fact, because the deflectors went from offensive to defensive, offensive powers lose twice in PVP, losing the bonuses they once had, and then again because the deflectors now provide a defense against the attack, like subsystem targeting.

Basically, since my science ship uses the Borg deflector, I lost power to CPB, subsystem targeting, and tachyon beam, which incidentally are my main offensive powers, and in return I gain less than 2000 hull. Worse, I can't even switch to another set because they all suck now for actual science work. This change is absolutely horrible.

There are only two deflectors now that are any good for offensive science powers, the generic Graviton and Tachyon arrays. Set arrays are all glorified shields now, and Positron and Neutrino arrays are both defensive arrays too. Unchange the changes, this is not a good change. If you want a set to be more defensive, then put it on the shields or engines, not the deflector.

Some specific things:

Tetryon Glider... does it actually work? I honestly can't tell. There is nothing in the combat log to indicate this actually works.

Maco Engines: +7.5 engine performance. Useless modifier. It gives absolutely nothing, or to be more precise less than 1 point of engine power. That's it, I don't think any BOFF powers even use engine performance anymore. If you want it to actually do something, maybe 7.5 impulse thrusters and driver coils, or a direct +5 engine power. Also the engines do not let you go warp 12 in sector space, I was only getting warp 10.28.

Borg Engines: These only go warp 12 in sector space, not 14.

Omega Force shields: What are these? Regenerative shields? They have less capacity and far less regeneration than the Borg shields. That doesn't make me feel comfortable in them nor want to use them.

Aegis shields: Like the maco engines, +7.6 shield performance is utterly worthless. It does not help anything at all, no BOFF powers use it and it doesn't even give a single point of shield power.

Honor Guard Engines: 7.5 warp core potential is again, a worthless modifier. It helps no BOFF powers and gives a fraction of a point of power. GIve +1 to all systems power or +2 so it doesn't look underwhelming.

Honor Guard Deflector: Well this one doesn't totally suck for science ships. But wait, its KDF only. Still it does not have flow capacitors which means no subsystem targeting buff.

Honor guard shields: Subvert targeting array seems incredibly OP for PVP. -25% accuracy for 10s? That is absolutely massive, and with a 25% chance to proc it is pretty well guaranteed to be a continuous debuff. I would imagine the placate by itself is more than enough to make things incredibly frustrating for an attacker, ESPECIALLY in a target rich environment like PVP. Maybe add a flat 5% defense bonus instead of the -acc proc.

Mask Energy Field: This power seems potentially, incredibly OP in the right team's hands. Cloak detection is notoriously bad in this game, got far worse thanks to season 5 changes, and this basically lets the coordinated kdf team fire with impunity for 15s. They could then battle cloak, run away, and have someone else run the next one. Unfortunately the prospect of actual PVP testing on tribble would make someone think cat herding is a fun and rewarding profession.

Overall impression: The STF sets are underwhelming, the deflector changes are totally uncool, and the honor guard set has some potential issues that could be very OP in PVP.
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01-07-2012, 10:03 AM
Nice thought out post and agree entirely except the last part about the masking field. Problem with it is that its not really OP. I've tested it its a small radius and once anything leaves the radius it then can only be hidden for 5 seconds. Its Incredibly small its basically large enough to house the smallest of KDF carrier pets before an attack issue is given. Which carrier pets and commands are horridly broken and under powered at the moment so little to worry about.

Thought I would add about *rebalancing* kind of a joke when you are now going warp 30 or more that is some balance if I do not know what it is. Pretty soon they will be doing some grab bag for borg tactical cubes.
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01-07-2012, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Leave my Borg set alone!

Leave my Borg + Aegis Sets alone!

i do not appreciate nerfing of items i have worked for ingame, especially if they are old and long time established items that i am used to working in a certain way.
If there was a problem with them you had plenty of time to fix it.
This is just uncalled for and i do not see a logical reason or explanation WHY you changed them.

the NEW sets, sure do with them what you want to make them work as intended.

But plz don't make the sets that we are used to suck so the new ones are more interesting.

bringing them in line with the new skilltree is fine, but reducing healing power by 60% ...?!

i can't remember anybody who asked for the Borg and Aegis sets to be changed in any way,
they aren't OP and they are easy enough to get if you think otherwise.

What we wanted you to do is to change the NEW sets so that they A) work as intended and B) are BETTER than the old ones which everyone already has.

We wanted you to make the Engines go Warp 14... instead you made them Warp 12? Still worse, and with drive coil skill we can now get to a ridiculous Warp 21 !?

We do NOT want that you make the good old stuff we are used to... KAPUT.


i have read a line about the new Sets that Borticus is changing, something about an ability that has a 100% chance to knock out Aux Power...

i don't know how long or often that is usable, but i hope you consider that this will take down ANY Cruiser Captains healing power for the duration -> If a good escort alpha strikes you, 3 seconds can be enough to kill you, add a 100% chance to knock out my Aux power and i cant even heal or hull resist properly.

Escorts will love it in PvP, Cruisers will hate it...

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