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# 1 Spirits of Treks Past
01-07-2012, 08:15 AM
Communications >Open Hailing:
Greetings for the Voice OVers of Trek Past Speak volumes of what can be
For the glory of Boroughs set in Treks Past.
We beseech thee

For a moment in time comes but once ; but the joy of historic Research lives on forever.
Your Challenge in this mission is simple and complex.. Will require more staff energies placed in acquiring IP

Such as this for example

As a reference guide.
Points of interest use of display screen to free up some of our present GUI screen clutter
variations on LCARS use
Sound and visuals
Approach to Tactical Game play features

You may want to actually Dust off a WIN98SE Box and play through a few products to improve your TREK awareness and take critical notes for your Research.

Why this will improve STO. I think F2P its incumbent of the DEV TM to pay QA via either comp time or real coin to research more layers of TREK play to insure the longevity of this LCI and their positions supporting it.
WIN WIN.. Community Depth of ST experience is pretty vast in past ownership and ALPHA BETA testing.
So its a partnership of experience and not a mod community bulletin board advice here. IT's just a logical progression.. First to identify areas that could improve and starter concepts to "get Ur Done"

My Command Guidance gained via Military and Civilian Schools of Higher Education
is also basic and simple. Gaither in the Fishbowl grab the AV and wheel in the Best HD display you have

and go down the list of Short videos involving and not limited to
Birth of the Federation 1 and II
and Interplays H SULU Tutorial for Star Fleet Command

Address ways you can could and should create a Dynamic persistent Dynaverse conquest map
Expand General Galaxy MAp and give expanded details hex overlays to known and lic cannon hard and soft
variations. You now have the security of a better business partner to free up dev cycle time to
"GO Boldly and MAssively were no Previous TREK[tm] product has gone before."

Resources available Ambient NPC ships and PC Controlled
Based off the DOFF concept and implementation
You should be most capable of Creating a Vice Admiral and Beyond Fleet MAnagement system
to show MAp control changes based off Player actions with NPC Diplomatic Factions
and Established Empires already on the MAp.

You counter point has always been Resources and use of a certain Factions data count to make calls on where to send dev dm resources
Well advanced Klingon game play is Beyond stereo typical PVP . So bite the bullet and lets move one. to more evolution here and it will open up avenues of variety benefiting us al land future Romulan Faction inclusions.
Well here's the Answer to some of this with Additional way to follow up DOFF missions using your
Dedicated staff and Foundry Authors. to unlock
" TNG:"First Contact" style Diplomacy as a special Player Event: Perhaps a Community contest here for design help on a Diplomatic Center and reasons to visit could spark some interest?
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# 2 Look at Existing Model Planets
01-09-2012, 06:12 AM
Form a List check it twice.

Which planets and modelled resources do you already have?
How are these resources used?
How many mission were included for these locations?

Does anyone on the Team know whats already been done top to bottom?

Focus on the Pella Season 3 and recover from the limited content stigma.
Move forward and tie it into the good DS9 FE you have in mind.

I recommend if not a re-roll a revaluation of the Romulan situation.
The whole Hobus situation as cannon created troubles for story arcs in the ALT Time line.
I think the 09 movie had more influence then the Nemesis for tie in options but nothing that TREK cant over come. Having a vital unique Romulan Faction adds layers of possibilities . Some of the plot lines follow a good TREK tradition of being Allegories to current events while the best take a Plato's Republic of what if into consideration and expand the more deep understandings of alien cultures.
This is based primarily on DEV delays to capitalize and some level of dislike from the old trekkers like me with the plot as a date movie or family friendly movie.
When i was young i could sit down with my little brother and mother and watch every single TOS ep without
having the parent turn the channel.

Im thinking this isn't TREK farm tribble horta herders sim trek. .but we could do with a few more options besides pew pew for the youngins. The Star Trek 25th Anniversary product my give a few insights here.
# Seasons of TOS had more then 1 really good Ep in them each season and fewer throw-a-ways.. or one offs. The best arcs have flexible continuity and a constant back story referencing of already established concepts. So the player base has a feeling decisions have longitudinal outcomes...

One insight here is how a Special Forces Team is send to assess a indigenous groups stability prior to signing overt resources to an extended Operational deployment.

I'd have gone back to my Group commander and not recommended Supporting Obesick on initial it would take a nice follow up to the good VO FE to get the pulse.. More interaction and meetings with ADM T'nae the Theater of Operations Commander and some more text and reading on the INTEL gathered if I were in the PLANS and OPERATIONS shirt at higher command.
Today's post was sponsored by the Letter R and the number 1701
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# 3
01-19-2012, 02:40 PM
Greetings Class Today's Romulan Academy Lecture will involve Activities of The Temporal Mistakes Agency

This archival footage will show an unauthorized attempt to change our primary enemies culture and development
Your project groups will review and write opinion papers regarding this limited research guide and the following
Military organization and Terms guide line.

You are a Second Term Cadet will Review Organization and Staffing
evaluate the Chain of Command and provide re-organization options to the Military rebuilding Console

This Project prior to Space Advanced Command Course will Weigh 43.8% of you Total Semester Fitness And Performance Grade

Jolan Tru
Class Dismissed

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# 4
01-21-2012, 12:12 PM

This Thread was started in the early days to find out the Origin of the player Bases Star Fleet Experience.
Asking what Faction they enjoyed in Star Fleet Command III : The Nemesis tie in by Activision..

Looking at Taking a few more levels of TREK experience to the Community Base.. We seek paths to improve experiences..

In doing so we take from My Fleets two web sites archives in Beta Testing Star Fleet Command
and its experiences in years of Dynaverse General Wars Campaigns
We hoped to strike a balance and propose a topic in a way that it doesn't water down or condescend to an
international trek base of players.

As the Primary Post focus in the English Speaking Medium on STO/Cryptics main page.

One of the handicaps here was the change of direction and focus on past accepted materials beginning to change to fix TNG.
One of the evolutions of TREK was in the manner of not being able to represent concept designs due to technology and budgets. Other issues came about due to a production schedule demands pushing out story liens creating paradigms and conflicts lacking a continuity content checker.

The Scope of the Map that creates ease of play also can limit features .. Not every play style seeks a Empire Micro MAcro Managment style that Board gaming can give.

So thats todays uptake on the State of The TREK for today.

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