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threat control is a skill that Draws Fire onto you
off of others and directly onto you

its a "shoot me " sign

If you have threat control and others do not you will be the one getting shot at (this applies BOTH on the ground and in space

Do NOT take this skill unless you fully understand this

if someone advises you to take it they want you to TANK (ie be the redshirt)

Do not get scammed , conned , tricked or trolled into this if you do not want to be

Yes people will tell you im a Troll , a goblin , a noob

thing is I CAN read
And I Did read the description which is why NONE of my non tactical characters has threat control
its a skill for people too daft to duck

If you don't believe me read the skill descriptions on the Game itself AND the official wiki

do not listen to the crys of "he knows nothing " and "he is an ogre"

LOOK for yourself

If you WANT to tank (and may the gods have mercy on you and your crew) then Tank
but its Your choice not someone elses
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06-26-2012, 02:34 PM
All very well and good, but I'll give you the real reason why you don't want Threat Control:

The incoming aggro will make your Chef's souffles go flat, thus ruining your Shipboard Morale stat and giving you a -15% to defense.

Note, this is mostly detrimental Fed side. KDF side can clear the defense loss by jettisoning the Chef via a Doff assignment.

(Note: This is for Starship Threat Control. Ground Threat Control is only useful if you like the taste of dirt.)
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06-26-2012, 02:51 PM
srsly, have no idea of how to play this game...stop giving bad advice on the forum.

A) a tactical captain is a bad choice for a is the obvious choice...if you fail to see that at the first look, plz delete this game. the fact that you even think that tactical captains are the tank class in this game leaves me speechless.

B) threat control is a skill that boosts the threat you generate when you fire on a target. If you don't fire on a target it does nothing. (only increases your resistance a little)

C) threat control is a gameplay mechanic for group play only, and works only for NPC's. People who want to play a cruiser as a tank, need it in order to keep aggro against the more powerfull DPS of escorts. If you don't have threat control, you will lose aggro to the player with the biggest dmg output.

nobody forces you or anybody else to play a tank cruiser, problem is...cruisers in support roles are best for PVP...PVE is just tank and spank, to do that you need a tank or somebody who will take the beating. Support in PVE is a wasted teamslot.
Further, to tank doesn't mean to can survive a tactical cube/gate easily with the right BOFF powers

i know you ignore it, i post it anyway for other new players, to give them an actual view on how it is done in this game, if you want to do STF's successfull and in record time.
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06-26-2012, 03:02 PM
Im at least average now
(getting better every day)
and one thing I HAVE learned is that Threat control on a NON tactical is a waste of skill points

you see the tactical as a guided missile
I (and Starfleet) see him as a protector of science and engineer officers
thats the JOB you sign up for

if one person has to take one for the team thats the TACS job
not the Engineer
and definately Not the scientist

my Tactical officers (on the ground) have a duty to act as security for my team

THEY have ground threat control two have it maxed out for that very purpose

And the fastest way to do a STF is for NO ONE to Tank and no one to die but to cooperate , communicate and coordinate
that means no tanks no turreting and no "healers , dps mongers or tanks only " view point

All im saying is before you take this power READ the description

if you prefer to tank then take it

if you WANT to operate without getting holes in your hull you don't deserve Don't
because it really is a shoot me sign

We disagree on this very strongly because you are a Gamer and I am a Trekie I suspect

and the fact that the standard answer of some of your faction is to call anyone who disagrees a troll shows why you can't be trusted entirely

Thats why I say LOOK for yourselves
read the actual description and wiki and make your own judgement
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06-26-2012, 03:11 PM
Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
wild, borderline incoherent rambling.

Threat Control is one of the better skills in the game for a Cruiser on STFs.

It is the one skill above all that will actually allow you to make use of a Cruiser's completely amazing survivability tools.

Not taking it means you are usually a low damage target to be ignored.

Sorry if your cruiser is built so poorly it explodes when enemies look at it.
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06-26-2012, 03:16 PM
"Tanking" occurs when the unit is intended to be the one taking damage (typically by being dangerous or detrimental, or using a game mechanic that forces it to be targeted), and secondly, to ensure that they can survive this damage through sheer health points or mitigation.

In real-time strategy games the role of a tank unit is to provide a health buffer for weaker ranged classes. Frequently maneuvering or other tactics are used by the tank to make themselves the most tempting or highest-priority target of enemy attacks, thereby diverting enemy attacks away from allies. Many basic strategies in games such as StarCraft and ******** III revolve around learning to micro-manage units so they attack tanks first so that the tanks do not continually attack units[citation needed].

In group play found in many role-playing games, the role of the tank is to protect players that are low-armor or low-health classes. The role of a tank is typically to survive an oncoming attack, and then ensure that they are the target of the incoming attack. It then falls upon the healer (in large scale play, often specifically assigned to the role, with spells specializing with high healing output over one or two targets) to restore the tank's health so he does not die and allow him or her to take the next attack.

In MMOs, there is typically a mechanic that tanks rely on known as enmity, "aggro", or "threat", which is generated from damage and taunts. This makes monsters attack the tank. However, when fighting other players tanks will attempt to interrupt spell casters and apply debuffs, making them a high priority target for damage (as they are nullifying or mitigating the potential of the opposing team). Tanks are typically central to group play, and a large amount of responsibility is placed on the tank.[2] Often a tank's death will cause the monsters to overrun the party as they cannot deal with the incoming damage.
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06-26-2012, 03:16 PM
it's a waste of time to comment here...

you live in a star trek nerd fantasy, which the game does not deliver.

the abilities of a tactical captain do not reflect the tanking nature you want it to have...he doesnt even have a selfheal or dmg reduction power for space combat.

and don't start mixing ground combat and space combat now...the one has nothing to do with the other.

We disagree on this very strongly because you are a Gamer and I am a Trekie I suspect
i'm both...but while playing a GAME i'm a gamer and i make my decissions based on the gameplay mechanics...not based on some trek lore. at the end i want to be successfull at the game, and not stay true to canon and fail every single stf.
You are lucky, because apparently you have found 4 people who carry you through STF's, and you win because they know how to do it, not you.
because what you suggest here leads to failure.
Thats why you need to stop your TROLLING and misguiding other players.
Go pro or go home

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06-26-2012, 03:17 PM
So a Tac's job is to spec into threat control, to 'take one for the team', which in anything other than a Cruiser (most Tacs fly Escorts) amounts to 'go in there and explode as soon as possible'?


Could've sworn a Tac's job was DPS.

You best be trollin' somewhere else, bro.
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06-26-2012, 03:19 PM
See I respect YOUR right to be a tank

kindly respect my right to achieve the same goal in the same time (give or take a %) without getting the hell blown out of my ship and costing the optional in mirror universe (which tankers OFTEN do)

Im as good as i need to be
if you do not like MY style and MY methods
well don't fly with me

But don't force newbies to become your riot shields by withholding information
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06-26-2012, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by skhc View Post
So a Tac's job is to spec into threat control, to 'take one for the team', which in anything other than a Cruiser (most Tacs fly Escorts) amounts to 'go in there and explode as soon as possible'?


Could've sworn a Tac's job was DPS.

You best be trollin' somewhere else, bro.
A tacs job is to THINK tactically

you just accused me of being a troll while being 100% wrong on what i said

GROUND missions the tac is the redshirt

oh and escorts SUCK as a tactical vessel

Tactical From the root word TACTICS
and frankly being a static gun point while someone else takes the hits is not a tactic its being a self mobile TURRET

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