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Hey guys, I saw one of these threads on DCUO ( play it from time to time since it went F2p)

Anyway, basically the thread goes. "Im level 30 now what"

So players suggest or name things to do once at max level.... hence end game. Figured it could work well for STO.

1) STFS (we need more, I rather like the ground versions no matter how much I play)

2) PVP

3) Events: Red Alert, Defera Invasion ( can be done throughout but they really count for end game, sinnce they are meant to be repeatable missions

4) Fleet Actions on Advanced difficulty

I'm all out feel free to help!
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01-08-2012, 12:29 PM
How about Foundry missions?
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01-08-2012, 12:31 PM
In no particular order:
  • Making an Alt.

  • Taking a break (and either leaving or coming back after it).

  • Foundry, both making missions and playing missions made by others.
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01-08-2012, 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
So players suggest or name things to do once at max level.... hence end game. Figured it could work well for STO.
There's just not enough to do in STO once you reach VA beyond what's already been suggested. And none of that is particularly appealing. So in the spirit of remaining positive, I'll answer a different but similar question. "What have I done since reaching VA?"

- I quit for a very long time, because there's nothing fun left to do.
- I came back and played any missions that had been made since that time (there weren't many.)
- I came to the forums to see what the community was actively discussing.
- I discovered a lot of great ideas, all of which have essentially been ignored by Cryptic.
- I read a lot of criticism and disappointment, with very few "fanboys" left to defend against this.
- I posted my own thread on what I thought would help, knowing I wasn't the first.
- I was attacked for doing this by quite a few, while others agreed and contributed to the conversation.
- I stuck around this time and started a new character.
- I started playing all of the old missions again and I was reminded of why I left the first time.
- I learned we shouldn't have our expectations set very high for the next year (per D'Angelo's posts.)
- I've made a few "friends" who are fun to talk to.
- Beyond that, nothing. There's nothing fun to do when you hit VA. The game is over.
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# 5
01-08-2012, 02:47 PM
Oi...another one of these threads...

What you can do at VA:

1) STF's

2) PvP

3) Foundry

4) Makes alts to rinse, repeat

5) Get bored fast and leave for an X amount of months to come back to see nothing has changed

6) Go to a silver account to stop wasting money
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# 6
01-08-2012, 04:29 PM
Read the forums and laugh.

Seriously laugh it right off......
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01-08-2012, 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by maina View Post
Read the forums and laugh.

Seriously laugh it right off......
That and use my EC to fund my Klingon characters
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01-08-2012, 10:20 PM
Once you hit VA its pretty much done..I haven't played in weeks. I just can't do it anymore without any new content..
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01-09-2012, 02:00 AM
I think this shows a lack of imagination if you feel there is nothing to do without someone writing new stuff for you. This is my list of what I do having been VA a long time.

1. Organise and participate in fleet events which can include the following:
a - PvP fleet against fleet
b - replay missions on elite, a lot more fun in a group of mates
c - help newer fleet members level up
d - general fleet and inter fleet chat Q&A
e - fleet treasure hunt with lots of prizes
f - fleet parties at various bars or on starships
g - competitions such as best screenshot with lots of prizes
h - recruiting new members and helping them understand the game
i - carrying out foundry missions with fleet members
j - Defera missions
k - Fleet STFs, at least we are pretty sure of getting the optionals

2. STFs, getting the best gear for my toons, I don't feel it's a grind, I enjoy it, if I think I've had enough for the day I do something else or get some work done LOL
3. do lots of stuff with my two kids who are both VAs, one is 13 the other is 7 and are both gold members
4. Enjoy playing with my DOFFs
5. Play the market on the exchange to see how much EC I can earn, maybe one day I can afford a Jem ship, half way there now LOL
6. Play the market on the dilithium exchange, I don't have to buy C points very often now especially with the stipend topping it up
7. Go exploring, just head off into an area you've not been to before and beam down to a planet, sometimes there's a mission, sometimes not, if there's not the artwork is still superb and interesting to have a look around
8. Replay some older missions to get cool stuff at the higher mark XI, e.g. phase shifted personal shield, handy when fighting devidians
9. Enjoy chatting on the zone and sometimes make some good friends from all over the world
10. Analysing my ship configuration/skill setup to see if I can improve anything
11. Creating new toons
12. Doing some of the amazing foundry missions - I don't care that there's no reward, I don't need any more goodies particularly and I'm already as high as you can get, but I enjoy the story, many are really fun and the developers have gone to extraordinary lengths in many cases, thanks for that guys. Seriously, all those of you moaning about new FE, how many foundry missions do you play?
13. Using Borg rare salvage to try out all the different weapon types, still got a few to go, seeing how well each fries the borg, if I find something really good then as soon as i find a prototype salvage I'll get the MkXII version to add to my armoury
14. Playing dabo and having a laugh with holoemitters, it's fun turning up at ESD as an Undine ship
15. Reading these forums, yes I see it as part of the game, it is a total experience and some of the ideas forum members have are superb, if Cryptic followed 1% of the ideas read here this game would last forever.
16. Going to Quarks bar, sitting down and reading the RPs stories, fascinating insight into human nature, very talented, some of them should write a book.
17. Strutting around in my MACO gear and enjoying the various pms asking about my cool armour LOL vanity is great don't you think?
18. Educating pugs - no, actually I don't enjoy that, would do if they listened but so many don't.
19. Frying Klinks in PvP LOL
20. Putting full Borg gear on Tier 1 ships and surprising the hell out of newbies LMFAO

and probably a lot more. I think like a lot of things in life you get out what you put in and with some imagination there's no excuse for being bored. if you are then leave the game for a week, I bet you you'll be itching to get back. When the new content comes it will simply enrich our experience even further.

have fun
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01-09-2012, 03:23 AM
The only thing left to do after VA and completing all missions is PvP. The human element make each fight unique and is not causing vomiting reaction when you see the same mission for 4567835 time (you need that salvage, you really need it!).

Anything else is yet another form of "and again, and again, and let's do it again". STFs, mission repeats, daily missions, DOFFs, Dabo, grinding EC or dilithium - it's all repeatable "ad nausea".

Chatting or playing with kids (my own) - I rather play Monopoly or take them on a walk. Same with friends. I rather put some vodka into fridge and call my friends to come over then write with blahblah@whatever1234. And if you really, really need to write the write a letter (pen, paper) to your wife or girlfriend. She will appreciate this. Some folk on the other side of the world...

If not for PvP I would probably left this game at the end of December when my subscription ended. PvP can be funny enough for some hours of play now and then.

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