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01-09-2012, 04:04 AM
Originally Posted by JerzyJablonski

Chatting or playing with kids (my own) - I rather play Monopoly or take them on a walk. Same with friends. I rather put some vodka into fridge and call my friends to come over then write with blahblah@whatever1234. And if you really, really need to write the write a letter (pen, paper) to your wife or girlfriend. She will appreciate this. Some folk on the other side of the world...

The OP was talking about within the STO game, the things you mention are done in the real world of course anyway and I don't think we need to be advised on how to struggle by in real life, if you see nothing to do then don't play and get your monopoly board out, which to me is nothing more than an endless grind and far less enjoyable than STFs. Everyone will have a different perception and opinion, there is no right or wrong way, you get out what you put in as I said.

Right just off out to walk the targ.
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01-09-2012, 06:54 AM
yes I mean in game. Well guys, I know some of you, and a lot of others say, oh we need more story missions. Well 15 new story missions are't gonna tide you over. They will get done, get old really fast. This is why we are at where we are at, and I believe cryptic realize this, hence why the focus won't be on story missions, but other kinds of content.

When people think content, they automatically think quests and missions. Content is anything you can do which is fun and keeps you doing it. If sto had no missions but was really fun (with whatever it had/has) it's still content.

We need dynamic content.

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