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I heard on RUMOR STO they were planning to NERF the Borg set so it is less powerful then the MACO and Omega sets.

This is a BAD IDEA. I do not think they should be Nerfed, Adjusted Maybe. But Not nerfed. The Borg set came out First and I think the MACO and Omega Gear should be better. Simply due to the COST it requires to get the BORG set VS the MACO OMEGA gear.

If they did choose to adjust the Sets, Here is how I personally think they should be adjusted.

I think as there are now 4 STF sets. I think Each set should have a keyed design. For Example.

The Aegis Set is more geared to be a Universal set. Allowing it to be used on ANY ship without any fall in power game wise.

The Borg set I think should be Modified to be more tailor made with a Cruiser in mind. It is not meant to imply the Borg set should be LOCK to cruisers only. You would be more then able to place them on a Science ship, or Escort. As the Over all bonuses would help empower a Cruiser more then an escort, or Science ship. Like.... an extra +15% to ship turn rate, For the entire set. Or adding a 15% reduction in Engineering power Cool down.

The MACO/Honor Guard set should have a Console added to it, and would be Geared more towards An Escort after all MACO stands for Military Assault Command Operations. And when you have all 4 parts on your ship you would get maybe an additional +15% bonus to Weapon power regeneration, or adding a 15% reduction in Tactical power cool down. So that as you Fire your many energy demanding weapons your weapon power either does not drop at much, IE Reducing weapon power consumption by 2 points, or have it regenerate 15% faster. This is not to say that you could not put it on a Cruiser or Science ship.

The OMEGA Gear would be more for Science ships, Adding a +15% power to all Science Based Ship powers, or A cool down reduction of 15% to the time on all Science Powers. Naturally it would need a console added as well.

I am not trying to start a Fire storm here, But suggest ways the Various sets could be revamped in ways to Help players be able to Taylor make their ship, If people have their own ideas on how each set could be adjusted, (with out becoming OP) Please Let me know, and post your reply here.
Lt. Commander
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01-09-2012, 12:39 AM
Read here:
That will explain everything.

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