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# 1 +/- of sto
04-29-2013, 11:30 AM
Post here things what you think that are good or bad in sto or how should they be improved. Sorry from my spelling. Not a native one.

For myself, I like from the feeling that you can go where ever you will. Escpecially climbing accolades were fun to achieve. Mountain climbing and flankig your enemy by that is twice that fun!

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# 2
04-29-2013, 02:13 PM
+ the amount of freely accessible content you can get without spending a digm. i dont know of another game that compares to this.
- that content seems to be designed around myth & magic rpg mechanics. which just dont work with guns.

+ its sci-fi, i like sci-fi.
- the sci-fi has taken the 'space magic' thing a bit far.

+ it has guns, guns are fun
- the guns seem to be re-skinned magic staffs/enchanted crossbows

+ it has space ship battles & big explosions
- the gfx for the explosions could be better along with the weapon strike effects

+ on higher difficulties levels can be challenging
- on higher difficulties you will often be instantly tpk'd

+ much of the available story content could be made into large multiplayer or even just squad challenges
- the clunky game mechanics, 1990s ai, unrefined fiddly ui, beta-esq animation locks & collision detection quickly become the limiting factor rather than the opposition. all detracting from enjoyment.
especially when you compare the game to the ufo, conflict, mass effect, flashpoint and xcom games all of which have elements that could have been used as inspiration for everything from gunplay & squad control and the gui.
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# 3
04-30-2013, 02:13 AM
Star Trek Online is such a huge, HUGE waste of a potential godlike game experience, listing all of that would take ages I'm afraid :p

To be honest, skollulfr has named a few things, basically the biggest contra is that the actual game mechanic doesn't work for a sci-fi game, let alone a Star Trek game at all. It begins with the concept of levelling up and unlocking ships as you progress, the blue vs. red faction mechanic (it's basically alliance vs horde no need to call it differently) and ends in the very limited depth of space combat itself if you compare the game to something like starfleet command.

The next major flaw is the decision that STO is not and was never meant to be a coherent in-game universe. Instead it's just a huge trek themed playground for a few quick pew-pews during your lunch break. If they had chosen to limit the players to one point in Trek timeline and built a dynamic universe around it, maybe with a dynamic rvr mechanic and gave captains reasons to fly all kinds of ships it could have been truly epic.

And this list would go on and on - basically anything in STO is just half-assed, exploration was never really worthwhile, diplomacy was never implemented at all, experiencing adventures was never possible since it never felt "organic" what you did in the game. And since the game became free to play it just got worse. The game did not advance a single step in those years, instead all players get are new shinies to buy or unlock.

It's just... meh. And makes me sad XD
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# 4
04-30-2013, 02:55 AM
I dont know if anyone remembers Star Trek: Dominion Wars (

i had a much better "being in space and being surprised by enemy ships"-feeling in this game. It really felt like you were flying a starship at that time but STO.. well, i dont know..

I play it because i am a fan of ST, not because i love the game. It feels too 2-dimensional. Like my ship is in a small room.

Imagine STO with a world like in Freelancer. You can just fly straight for hours and hours and you always find enemies. Not like in STO where every few kilometers, you have to switch to another instance or so.. dont like that at all. For me, the STO universe feels very small.
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# 5
04-30-2013, 03:31 AM
+ it is Tar Trek

- the basic mechanics based on traditional fantasy mmo games
- no Romuln Star Empire as a playable faction
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# 6
04-30-2013, 05:04 AM
+ Beautiful gameplay and upcoming GUI change in LoR
+ Open accessability to almost all locations in the game (with a little grind involved)
- Horrible Klingon story
- Cloaking broken since update 2
- Game is an entire grind
- Idiots ruining the econ
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# 7
04-30-2013, 05:15 AM
This is going to be ugly...

+You can fly a wide variety of ships.
-You can fly many ships that you have no BUSINESS flying in your faction.

+The Zen Store Ships come with interesting and useful abilities.
-Some of these ships have been all but forgotten or have abilities that are pretty useless.

+There is a lot of Trek feel with lots of proper Trek visuals, sounds, terminology, species, ships, and weapons.
-The gameplay does not FEEL very Trek most of the time as it is vastly a run and gun or space shoot'em up style game.

+You can really master setting up your ship and flying it.
-It can be a nightmare getting all the resources required to accomplish this goal.

+There is a fair bit of Avatar Customization for your Captain, Crew, and Ship.
-You cannot make your general crew adhere to your dress code.

+There is a fair bit of content that you do not have to pay for with money.
-A lot of it must be paid for with time and seems how everyone knows Time = Money the difference can be difficult to see.

+The game offers some fun events.
-Far too many of them are Time Gated.

+The game has a good player based Exchange.
-... Not much bad to say on this one. Good job.

+Lots and lots of Tribbles!
-They don't spread and fill your ship and overflow ESD lol.

+You can get some really good Veteran/Life Time Rewards.
-No downside here.

+The game offers a tool to make your own missions.
-It has been a bit buggy in the past but I am mostly going to leave this as a positive.

+You get to play both in space and on the ground.
-Ground play is a bit clunky and desperately needs a Gears of War style cover system but does not have one.

+Captains get many abilities to use both in space and on land.
-Some of these are far more useful than others leading to strong disbalance.

-There is a huge Dilithium tax on EVERYTHING.
+At least it means you can trade it for Zen...

+You can PLAY a Gorn!
-There are no official Gorn ladies.

+There are some really exceptional unique bridges.
-Most of them belong to Lockbox Ships.

+You get to experience Quad Cannons.
-You do not get to experience Star Trek Canon.

+The players made the next Enterprise!
-... Nope that is just a solid win. Congrats again!

Ok that is enough for me for now...
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# 8
04-30-2013, 06:38 AM
+ many nice ships, even some new ones we never saw before
+ nice chars, char-gen
+ nice costumes
+ very good f2p model with nice awards for gold/lts
+ very good free event ships like the breen ship that help free players be good
+ not to big server instances, rarely feels "full"
+ good hud setup, graphics options
+ good skill-options with BOs
+ very fun minigames, like doff-system, mining, ..
+ easy to lvl up (maybe even a bit too easy)
+ mostly very good episodes that tell interessing stories with some nice hints for hardcore trekkies
+ nice items for ships for mini-maxing, also with traits, doffs, starbase and repu sets although sometimes a bit unclear when it comes to mechanics behind the stuff
+ foundry / PGC

- sector space feels a bit strange, should be one big thing without loading screens
- zen prices are a bit to high for my taste even for regularly paying gold members/lts
- some animations are a bit to extreme and flashy and dont quite have that star trek simplicity
- way to many loading screens
- too many char bound stuff.. like if i bought jhdc for 800 lobis i would like to be able to move it between chars, also dili, and special mining claims and lobis in general
- i desperatly miss one or two more difficulty settings and other much harder PvE missions
- i like patrol missions, but they can only be done once for some strange reason

- i miss options to maximize my immersion, like being able to command my ship in battle from the bridge or to force a specified uniform on all fed players and npcs

all in all its a great game but its missing very hard content and some immersion related features
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# 9
04-30-2013, 07:15 AM
+ The amount of stuff that can be obtained completely free
- The amount of money you spend on this stuff anyway
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# 10
04-30-2013, 11:07 AM
+ Space combat is generally fairly good.

- Space is really huge. It is in fact the hugest thing there is, but in STO combat is limited to a 10x10 km battlefield which forces allies and enemies together into one big close quarter cluster frak. 10 km is a ridiculous limit for weapons. In outer space a bow and arrow has a greater range than that.

- There's nothing intelligent about the A.I. in STO. This morning I watched an enemy battleship throw a tractor beam on a space station. But on the other hand I guess it worked. The station didn't get away.

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