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Dearest Cryptic

Would it be possible to include the "collar" option on the MK XI gear??
I understand the purpose behind incentivising people to try and get the MK XII gear, but surely so many extra pieces AS WELL as increased stats isn't necessary?

Again I wouldn't be asking for the helmet (though I'd love that ) or even the upper arm/shoulder pieces (though that shouldn't be tooooo much to ask.....), but just the collar.

The reason I'm asking is due to some normal clothing/armour available ingame that looks remarkably close to the MACO/OMEGA/KHG. I think it's the mercenary outfit with all it's pouches/nades that made me think a lot of people already had the OMEGA set. I'm not sure what armour it is, but it has a near indentical chest piece to the MACO set (just with some red in it) and there have been times that only seeing the sash goes the other way round on the KHG set, that I realised that it wasn't the MK XI set.....

Basically I'm just asking to have enough given to the Veteran sets that they clearly stand out as unique. The helmet automatically identifies the MK XII set and as much as I would like it, agree that those who run Elites deserve to have a standout feature.

However I would like to be clearly distinguished from regular clothing/armour as well...

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