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# 1 Some Carrier Ideas
01-09-2012, 03:21 PM
I have thinking about some things since i flew my carrier for the first time, and even more since the new update.

First of all, they should really fix the issues with some of the pets and their... bullishness.. especially the BoP's (those little suckers ^^).
Second: The Hull. 54k, for real? looking at the size and mass, a 80-100k aproach would be more realistic (and since the last escort buff, wich makes them more durable like most cruisers).
Also the Ability to switch pets in red alert would do good. Hell the old ones can disapier like now, but we should at least be able to change the loadout dependent on the battle situation.

But so much for the complaints, the new commands are great and helpfull (if they work) and a few of the consoles on the c-store make carrier life a little easyer.

I personally thought about a few other things, especially carrier based weaponry beyond fighters:
Heavy Dual Turrets
Type: Turret
CD: like turret, but lower rate of fire
Range: 10km
Target: 360
Description: What to say... like the turret, but with a litte more punch (like dual cannons).
Should drain the same power like a beam and can be buffed like all other cannons.
Should be restricted to Carrier and Battleships classes. Mainly for the Battlestar fun ^^

360 Torpedo
Type: Torpedo
CD: 8 sec
Range: Standart
Target: 360
DMG: Standart
Descryption: Just like a Standart Torpedo, but can lock on and be launched in an 360 arc.
I would go with Photon Type, and it can be buffed like always (High Yield/Spread)

LASM (Large Anti Ship Missile) -Working Name
Type: Carrier Pet
CD: 60 sec (Depending on aux)
Range: 15 km
Target: 360
DMG: 15k-20k Normal / <-25k-> High Yield / <-25k-> Spread +disable 5-10 sec
Description: A large homing misssile, that can be launched from the carriers hangars.
It can lock on in an 360 arc, but its launched forward, like any other pet.
It will start to move and align to its target. It should start with slow movement and gain in speed over time.
Can be shoot down and shields lower damage but if it reaches top speed before impact, it will ignore shields. Also a 5% chance, that it will detonate in a subspace-explosion (see Spread) when shoot down, damaging friends and foes alike.

If Buffed with High Yield:
Acts like Normal, but if it's within 5km range and has a clear shot to its target,
it will warp on it, blasting throught shields and dealing massiv damage.
damage depends on HY lvl.

If Buffed with Spread:
Also acts like normal, but it won't explode on impact, but if no hazad is used in 5 sec,
it will detonate itself with a massiv subspace-explosion, obliberating the ship and dealing massiv damage to friends and foes in a 3-5km radius.
damage and radius depends on Spread lvl.

Serpentine Cluster Missile -Working Name
Type: Carrier Pet
CD: 15-30 sec (somewere there)
Range: 10km
Target: 180
DMG: 4k (Deals hight damage to shields + chance to disable systems)
Description: Launches a fast missile, wich will gain speed with time and can be Buffed.
If it comes within 3 km it will scatter into 16 clusters (wich can also be targeted) and will hit the facing shield and both side shields.
If it's fired under 3 km range, it will just hit the target, dealing standart damage.

If Buffed with High Yield:
all 16 clusters will focus on the facing shield, dealing massiv damage.

If buffed with Spread:
The 16 clusters will randomly attack up to 8 targets in 5km range, if only 1 target is present, all parts will go for it.

Yes, this are torp buffs on pets, but the idea here is, to trade defence for massiv damage.
Also addet a few things, so no one could start the OP Train.
I think this would make some fun adition (and moments ) in the game.

Would like to hear some feedback, or also other ideas to futher evolve our mightiest ship ^^
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# 2
01-09-2012, 05:38 PM
There have been tonnes of post on carrier ideas. I do like some that have been introduced. I look forward to unlocking the Orion carrier for my tac.

Some idea that would be good, and I can see these being store items:
  • light carrier for captain (4 weapon slots, one hanger, and tonnes of hp)
  • new BG/LG carrier class that has four sub classes
    • sci oriented carrier
      • Tactical: Lieutenant (1)
      • Science: Lieutenant Commander (1), Commander (1)
      • Engineering: Ensign (1), Lieutenant (1)
    • tac oriented carrier
      • Science: Lieutenant (1)
      • Tactical: Lieutenant Commander (1), Commander (1)
      • Engineering: Ensign (1), Lieutenant (1)
    • eng oriented carrier
      • Tactical: Lieutenant (1)
      • Engineering: Lieutenant Commander (1), Commander (1)
      • Science: Ensign (1), Lieutenant (1)
    • uni carrier
      • Tactical: Lieutenant Commander (1)
      • Universal: Ensign (1), Commander (1)
      • Engineering: Lieutenant (1)
      • Science: Lieutenant (1)

Even go for the classic look for new carrier designs: suggestion
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# 3
01-09-2012, 11:44 PM
That poor Rishkadh, those hangars make it look like a tanker.

There's also the problem the Cryptic can't use stuff from other game companies.
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# 4
01-09-2012, 11:47 PM
Yes, please keep making the carriers more and more formidable. Then Cryptic will have no choice but to give the Feds their own carriers just to rebalance the game.
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# 5
01-10-2012, 12:58 AM
If the developers are willing to spend time at all with Klingons (which they seem to be), keeping carriers balanced and viable and variable is probably one of the best places to spend their KDF time. Carriers kinda make/define the KDF faction for me.

Kinda along the lines of "moar petz" wishes for carriers like the OP, I would like to a few more pets out there, but. Something I'd really love to see is variations on the current. Carrier pets that drop from STFs, are crafted, are vendor purchaseble for tokens...frigates/bops, etc that have different skills other than CRF/HYT, or varying loadouts. A BOP that uses a tractor beam, a frigate that with extend shields & engineering team, etc.

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