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# 1 Oh that versatile Hegh'ta...
01-10-2012, 12:34 AM
For a tactical captain trying to make his deeps pretty much as good as he can get it...the versatility of the Hegh'ta BO setup is wonderful, but also a little frustrating. Predominantly just PvEasy with him, so. Here's what I'm thinking. Conventional DHCs+torp up front, turrets in the aft.


Not a lot of utility, but. I have this horrible propensity to get mobs mad and shooting at me rather than the other people in the instance (it'd be nice if cruiser captains spec'd into threat control -_-;. I've found myself liking ASIF as a hull heal-yes, numbers aren't big but such a quick recharge...and. I do want 2 copies of EPTS for full uptime on that skill. A little lighter than I might like to be on shield healing, but. I do want the other three BOs contributing to my damage output, and I THINK (tho correct me if I'm wrong) that DEM is one of the best non tactical BO skills for enhancing a cannon man's numbers, and tachyon beam is probably the best LT level SCI skill for making mobs die faster...

I think I've got a good setup, probably at least 95% of what I could possibly do, but. The possibilities presented by having universal BOs in some ways screws with me, thinking it could possibly be more optimal...if I could count on other people tanking the Tactical Cubes, etc, I might go with 2x ENG LTs and a LTC SCI-HE1, TB2, GW1...What say you, forum goers?
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# 2
01-11-2012, 04:36 AM
The setup I used to use on my hegh'ta, before I switched to the b'rel is:

{The other lieutenant changed constantly}

The damage buff from the two omega attack patterns isn't astronomical, but they are predominantly there for the resistance to movement debuffs which mean death in pvp (which I predominantly do).
Attack pattern beta is actually my favourite attack pattern, and since you are mostly pve'ing, it is much more practical to use it since only a handful of AI opponents can use TT to clear it. So you might like to substitute the APO1's for APB2's (I would if I was in your shoes; pve'ing). I see you have spread 3 which is a very rare and powerful ability, if you wanted to keep it, I would substitute the TS3 in for a APB2 and replace the THY2 with an APB1 (If you went with beta's)

So so far we have:
EPTS 1+2
-Lt of your choice-
HE1 TSS2 for all purpose use with maybe some situational alternatives.

Maybe you don't want/need to bother with a second torpedo buff, in which case you could run a second TT in place of TS1. Up to yourself really. (Don't do that if you're running an eng team Lt; the cooldowns will conflict too much)

Hope you find this helpful.
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# 3
01-11-2012, 06:10 AM
First and foremost, I think this depends mainly of each player style and rapidity to activate the powers/abilities. By any mean I don’t want to criticize anybody because it is just impossible to have a “one size fits all” configuration. I find extremely useful having 2 tac teams to use back to back, for the reason of strengthen the attacked shield and the damage resistance buff. As a tac KDF I use mainly 2 configurations on my bop:
First, is a little better in DPS than the second which is oriented in having more heals and survivability.
Lt T: TT1, BO2
Lt S: HE1, TSS2
Lc E: ET1, EPS2, EPS3 (you can have an eng friend train it for you)
Cd T: TT1, CRF1, CRF2, APO3

Lt S: HE1, TSS2
Lt S: HE1, TSS2
Lc E: ET1, EPS2, EPS3 or EPS1, EPS2, RSP2
Cd T: TT1, CRF1, CRF2, APO3

Also, I run 3 DHC front with Qorgh (C-store ship) warhead (or a Tric otherwise), borg shield (due to high regen and using 2 EPS back to back and having high power to shield most time – about 85-95) and a console that boost shield capacity (I get about 7500-ish – don’t remember exactly how much - shield for each facing with it). Of course, more toys you have, the better it is (like the aceton assimilator or Graviton Pulse Generator).
Those configs are easy to interchange because in fact you only change one, max 2 boff. #2 I find much better to survive in pvp versus #1 (and again some folks may not agree, I mostly refer to 1 vs 1 pvp because when you have more targeting you, then definitely the end is near no matter what, lol). Also important is to have at least 50 power to aux, to get a decent benefit from HE and TSS, and an aux batt to pop in, in case things get ugly, to maximize HE and TSS.

Now, for whoever does pve (config #1), also survivability is important, but AI being dumb, you don’t really need to worry so much with heals. If you have a boff with BO3, then use it because that’s the mother of all… tremendous damage when combined with attack buffs (APA, Go Down Fighting, Fire on my mark, etc). What I see missing from your config is 2 CRF, which I find relatively important to increase the DPS. I also am not too worried with targeting subsystems because (except pve of course) most players have heals against them (batteries, eng team…)
I also hope this helps, best thing you should do is give it a shot, see what you like more and maybe modify things a little to fit your needs.

P.S. I don’t know how you are speced, but I am curious how would it be to have a SCI in the Cmdr position, never tried it but I bet would be pretty mean…
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# 4
01-11-2012, 07:22 AM
you could try this set-up that has popped up elsewhere on the forums


Its low on hull heals with only HE1, can cycle three Shield heals w/ (2) TT1, can cycle 2 ApO1 for constant buffs and two forms of CRF for the damage buffs.
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# 5
01-13-2012, 06:05 AM
I go for max dps myself. I like to hit APA, APB, CRF3,HY3 then decloak launch quantums then rip off a facing shield with my 3 DC's before the torps arrive. Its able to one pass all npc's but a cube that takes a few more seconds. Here is my hegta setup.

Weps 3x Phaser DC, 1 Quantum Torp, and 2x phaser Turrets
Gear Borg Engine,Borg deflector, Honor guard Shield MKXI
Consoles 2xArmour resist modules, 1x plasma distribution MKXI, borg module, 3xPhaser relay MKXI

lt ET1,RSP1

With the officer setup there is only a 1 sec window where I don't have a rapid fire available. Also my wep power doesn't drop below 100 ever as I only use the guns when making strafing runs at the target. I chose the honor guard shield as it gives my 7k + shields. I expect to die alot though with the borg set and honor shield that has dropped alot. I almost made it through a cure normal run without dying till I was caught between the 2 sim negvars as they both exploded together. I am considering replacing HY1 on the lt cmdr with a tac team 1 but am not sure as it will conflict with st1 and et1 alot.

lt Gen Krapok KDF
Cptn Kohnor KDF

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