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The Assignment:

After an incursion with the Breen in the Orellius Sector Block, your ship has been left severely
damaged and most of your systems are offline -- this includes the Warp Drive, which is
irreparable due to the destruction of your port nacelle, and Communication Array, which was also
destroyed. Since you were only to be conducting routine patrols in the sector, and your ship was
only to be away from Starbase for 5 days, energy supplies are running low and you must enact
rationing of the replicators. Reports suggest that it will take you several weeks to limp home.
How did you explain this to the crew? Did you put a chef in place à la Neelix? Did you save your
rations for something in particular? Write a Captain's Log entry letting us know.

stardate calculator: http://www.hillschmidt.de/gbr/sternenzeit.htm)

Here's what I wrote:

USS Bayern NCC-93477
Orellius Sector Block
Stardate 88026.5

"Computer..." The computer chirps it's acknowledgement. "What time is it?"
"1620 hours."
I sit up in bed, my uniform stained by soot and torn on the arm.
"Four hours of sleep just isn't enough." I say aloud.
"Four hours, twenty minutes, forty seconds to be exact, sir." The computer corrects. "It
is recommended that each Starfleet officer get a minimum of seven hours of sleep. You should
really lie down, sir."
"I can't. There's too much to do." I stand and walk to the small dresser, retreaving a
new over-jacket. "Replay Captain's Log Stardate 88021, time index 1930 hours."
I seat myself on the edge of the bed, listening to my own voice talking to me:

"Captain's log, Stardate 88021. On a routine patrol in the Orellius sector, we were
attacked by the Breen." A pause. "We didn't do anything to provoke them. our shields were down.
We were at Yellow alert. We'd seen them on our long range sensors. Once we saw them, they saw us.
They came at us out of nowhere, first from ahead of us, then from all sides. Shields were raised
as quickly as we could get them up, but it was too late. They destroyed our port nacelle. Then
Comms went dead. I signalled 'Surrender' in hopes to save as many lives as possible, but it was
relentless. For a solid 8 minutes, they pounded us. Then they stopped." I hear myself sigh.
"Neela .. Neela's dead." I hear myself weep for her, my first officer and best friend, Neela
Sartori. Tears start coming back to my eyes hearing myself talk. "She .. she was a fine first
officer. I'll be placing a commendation in her record, when I can." Another pause. "Casualty
reports have flooded the bridge and Hazard Teams have been dispatched. I don't know how we're
going to make it through this..."

"That was two days ago," I remind myself.
"Two days, eight hours, twenty-nine ..."
"Computer!" I almost yell. "I don't need to be reminded of that. Play time index 2300
hours, same stardate."

"Captain's log, suplamental. Initial assessment of our situation is not good. Out of a
crew of 100, only 65 of us are left. Over half of those are incapacitated in someway or another.
Broken arms, internal bleeding, or smoke inhalation are the major injuries. Auxhillary power has
been restored and I've had the holodeck programmed as a medical center. Thankfully, the EMH
program is still running. I've had a talk with all the acting department heads and I've had to
ration what stores we have left. With warp power, we're a day out of the Defera System. Without
it .." A heavy sigh. "We have impulse power still and I've had Ensign Jorge set a course for
Defera. It's going to be a while. And with Comms down, I don't know how we'll get in touch with
any one. I'm having Lieutenant Rand rig the escape pod beacons to send a distress signal. That
may be a bad choice, and might draw the wrong kind of help, but it's a chance I have to take.
I've put Rand as interum Chief Engineer. Commander Howard, our assigned Chief, is in a coma."

"Computer. Play yesterday's log, please."
The computer chirps again and begins to play.

"Captain's Log, stardate 88023.5. I've had crews from Science and Engineering departments
begin fashioning solar panels and fastening them to the hull in key areas. Hopefully, this will
offset the drain on the auxhillary systems. Life support is the priority and I've made sure that
those systems are constantly maintained. Lieutenant Rand was able to rig the beacons and they've
been transmitting for at least 12 hours. Really hope someone is listening." A pause. "I've been
working with Ensign Lynch on Comms. Most of our internal Communications relays are fried, but we
have managed to put a few compatible pieces together. Score one for academy training!
Communications 101 classes are paying off. Once we have the internal systems together on our
transceiver, we're going EVA to work on the antenna." I hear myself laugh. "Why didn't I think of
this before? I'm going to have to run this by Lynch, but I think it might help. I'm going to have
a probe remodified as a transmitter beacon and have it send out a distress call. We can try
salvaging another and use it as a relay. We may survive this yet."

The computer chirped, signalling the end of the log entry.

"Where is Ensign Lynch right now?" I ask.
"Ensign Lynch is approaching your quarters, Captain." the computer replied. "Shall I let
him in?"
"Yes," I stand, buttoning myself up, stepping into the refresher.
My door hisses open and Lynch slowly steps in.
"Captain?" he calls.
"I'm here." I call from the refresher. I give myself a quick inspection in the mirror.
"What's the status?"
"The first probe is ready for launch," he spoke, sounding hopeful. His uniform was dirty
and he was limping. "I just can't seem to get the launch port doors to open."
"Have you tried manual override?"
"Yes sir, but the outer doors have been blown off."
"Damn. We may have to donn vac suits and vent the space just to launch it. Can it be
"Yes sir, I think it can. It's the only way, if we're going to make it work."
"What about the second probe, the relay?"
"We don't have enough components."
"Well, we'll have to keep working on it." I walked towards my door. Lynch followed. "I want you to meet me in the Armory in fifteen minutes, with two vac suits."
"Aye, Captain."

I made my way to Medical. Sadly, every bed was taken with a few of the crew laying on the floor. I called the EMH over to me for a status update. I was greeted with a snarky retort about it being for temporary use and that this exceeded his definition of temporary.
"But, sir..."
"No excuses, doctor. We need you. You are the only one of us that can work without tiring. Now, what's the sitrep."
"I've treated the few who had smoke inhalation damage and released them for duty. Broken limbs have been splinted. Open wounds either stitched or bandaged, depending on the severity. I was able to save only 4 out of the 10 with internal bleeding." He frowned. "I'm sorry, sir."
"How is Commander Howard?"
"Stable but still comatose."
"Captain to the bridge!" came a loud voice over the internal Comm.
"Keep me updated." I turned to leave. "Try not to loose anyone else."
"I can only follow program, Captain."

I stepped onto the bridge to see my worst fear come true. On screen, were 2 Breen warships.
"When did they show up?" I asked, taking my place in the captain's chair.
"Just a few minutes ago, sir." Lieutenant Rielly reported from the navigation seat.
"Do we have shields?"
"Barely," she replied.
"Ensign Lynch," I called out to the internal comm. "Better get that probe launched. I'm not going to make it there."
"Aye, Captain." He replied. "Venting the space now."
"All hands, this is the Captain." I stood up from my seat. "Bad news. The Breen are back. Possibly to finish what they started. It's been a pleasure serving with every single one of you. Hold to your duties until you can't do them anymore. And may God have mercy on our souls."
I sat back down in my chair, watching the view screen. The war ships were getting closer. An alert on my chair console told me that the probe had been launched. All we could do now was pray.
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"Sir, our shields have been breached! Incoming torpedo!"

The Bridge of the Blacksabre-E shook violently in the wake of a Breen torpedo, alarms were blaring and sparks flew from consoles struggling to keep thier own integrity.

It had been an easy mission in theory, patrol Deferi space for any remnants of Breen insurgents and deal with them as necessary. The original idea had been to be part of a taskforce of several ships, but the other two ships, the Grendel and the California, had been forced by the schedule given to split up to cover a third of Deferi space each, the Blacksabre was given the furthest from Federation territory owing to it's engine advancements, and as such had found more Breen strays than either of the other two had reported.

Unfortunately, the relatively large kill count did not prepare them for a trap as elaborate as this, apparently, the Breen had gotten hold ofa civilian freighter and got it to send out a distress signal for us to pick up nd investigate, only to be ambushed by a small taskforce of five frigates, three cruisers and a dreadnought, as well as the swarm of fighters between them.

The Blacksabre managed to kill almost half of the fighters, as well as destroy two frigates and a cruiser, the last frigate was listing with disabled engines and weapons, which left the Blacksabre with the second cruiser and the dreadnought to deal with. The Blacksabre lits it's engines and soared towards the two ships, the aft beams picking off any fighters it could target as the Blacksabre opened fire on the cruiser, Antiproton cannons firing a hail of shots towards them, the Blacksabre had sustained heavy damage and small fires had begun to break out in certain areas of the ship, boarding parties had begun beaming aboard, but Kri'gak, the Klingon head of Security, was holding off the boarding parties, along with the Communications Officer, Dale, and the Breen refugee, Kel.

The attacks from the Blacksabre hit the cruiser's shields hard, the cruiser had sustained it's fair share of damage and was losing power from a plasma leak, the cruiser's energy dissipators fired at the Blacksabre time and time again, but effects were minimal at best. The Blacksabre flew past the cruiser and fired with it's aft weapons, impacting against the cruiser's shields rythmically, causing the ship to shudder with each impact.

"Dorryd, bring us about for another run, ready the new torpedoes!"

"Aye sir, Vilscaran Witch Torpedo armed and ready!"

The Bridge was a cacophany of alarms, sparks and the hissing of of the environmental systems trying to quench the flames, the Bridge Officers were forced to shout over each other to make sure they could be heard. A final shot from the Blacksabre's beams before they were no longer within firing arc managed to bring down the cruiser's shields, the cruiser, who had had little luck with firing back due to a disabled targeting system, began to try and move in the opposite direction, aiming to move away from the Blacksabre's range and possible initiate warp sequence, but the Blacksabre was too fast and was in perfect position before they could escape.

"Cruiser in range sir, cannons ready!"

"Aim for their engines with the cannons and then pierce their Bridge with the Witch torpedo, all forward weapons, FIRE!"

Small spots on the Blacksabre's front began to dimly glow a hellish red for a few moments before unleashing it's full force on the cruiser, with no shields, the Cruiser's hull crumpled like paper before the onslaught, explosions spreading across the hull and tearing the main engines to pieces, stranding the doomed cruiser. The Blacksabre was still firing when a large purple glow shot out from it's torpedo bay, emanating from a rocket shaped object that was now speeding towards the cruiser's Bridge.

"Witch Torpedo launched sir!"

"Bring us out of explosion range, we only have a few seconds!"

As the Breen inside the cruiser scrambled to the nearest escape pod, the Witch Torpedo's conical nose began to segment and open into six segments, inside the nose was a smaller conical object, as the Torpedo neared the cruiser, the object shot out, revealing itself to be a smaller torpedo, the smaller torpedo reached the cruiser first and exploded, knocking a hole in the ship's hull, the larger torpedo passing through just before the forcefields kicked in.

The Blacksabre began maneuvering away from the cruiser, turning around to face the ship once it was out of range. The Witch Torpedo had embedded itself deep into the Bridge, having crushed the Captain's left leg, pinning him there. A few seconds later, a high-pitched sound could be heard from the Torpedo, it quickly gained pitch for a second, and then the cruiser was engulfed in a bright purple explosion, wreckage spewing out in every direction.

The Blacksabre was about to move when a large piece of the wreckage impacted on the strut for it's lower port nacelle, the entire ship lurched violently, inertial dampeners struggling to stop the crew from being slammed against the walls. On the Bridge, Krovennan grasped onto his chair to keep balance as Tallasa and Dorryd were thrown from their seats, the others kept some amount of stability but one or two of the others who were standing had fallen to the ground in a less ceremonial fashion than Tallasa and Dorryd had.

Krovennan straightened himself up and stood up, helping Tallasa to her feet while Dorryd was helped by Drehera, who had been sitting beside Krovennan all this time. The others stood up of their own accord and checked themselves for injury, thankfully, no-one seemed to be injured in any real capacity.

"What happened? Engineering, status report!"

"Some of the wreckage hit us sir, the lower port nacelle is not responding properly."

"Saavip, switch to port view and focus on the lower nacelle."

A nod from the Vulcan woman signalled her understanding, a few presses on the console and the viewscreen changed to the port nacelle, a massive gash was rended in the strut and the engine's glow was flickering, as Krovennan tried to think of what to do there was a grinding scrrech heard throuighout the ship, followed by a small explosion from within the strut. A few moments later, the nacelle blew off and began drifting away from the vessel before exploding.

"Well thats not good, Engineering, can we still go to Warp?"

"I think so sir, I'll just need a minute to bypass the broken nacelle and boost the surviving port nacelle to compensate."

"Get on it, we need to get out of here befo-"

Krovennan was interrupted when the ship was lurched sideways again, then lurched again, and then again, Krovennan managed to keep his balance as he returned to his chair to steady himself."

"Computer, display threat!"

The viewscrren lit up to an image of the Breen Dreadnought opening fire on the Blacksabre, the Dreadnought had been hanging back and waiting for its time to attack, with the loss of their nacelle, the ship's crew had been too occupied to keep an eye on the Dreadnought.

"Sir, our shields are still down, and that Dreadnought's attacks have knocked out our weapons, we're target practise until Gyzit gets Warp up again."

"Engage impulse Dorryd, get us right underneath the spinal strut of that thing, prepare the IPS for discharge!"

"Sir, the damage we have already sustained means that we ccannot maintain the IPS as we normally could it'll knock out our Warp Core's higher functions!"

"Knock them out then! Take power from everything, we have to do this or we'll not survive long enough to see warp! Dorryd, full impulse, get us where we need to be!"

The Blacksabre's impulse engines roared into life, propelling the ship forward, thankfully the neacelles did little at Impulse speeds, so the ship's turning ability was unmarred. The Blacksabre roared past the Dreadnought's side and parked itself underneath the spinal strut, just behind the main body.

"Now Gyzit, activate the Inverse Phaser Shockwave, rip that thing in two!"

The Blacksabre's deflector began to crackle with energy, occasionally flashing at random intervals, a field around the Blacksabre began to form, energy from the ship's old Phaser coils was being forced into an oval bubble around the ship, fed into the bubble through the specially reinforce deflector and held in place by specialised emitters, the field grew in intensity until it seemed as if the Blacksabre was surrounded by orange lightning clouds, the field began to lose coherency slightly, indicating it was at critical mass and the emitters were sturggling to hold it in place.

"Now, discharge!"

At the press of a button in Engineering, the polarity of the emitters was inverted, meaning that instead of holding the field in place, the emitters began to propel it outwards in a massive shockwave, which hit the Dreadnought before the slow behemoth could react. The shockwave impacted the Dreadnought heavvily, causing the spinal stru above the Blacksabre to shudder violently, and eventualy, the strut was torn off and began floating in space.

The Dreadnought's body was also hit, the shockwave tearing into anythng it could reach, disabling pieces of the ship that werent destroyed and annihilating the crew. The shockwave rapidly dissipated, but not before tearing a hole in the Dreadnought's Engineering, subjecting it's crew and the Warp core to the vacuum of space, with the damage from the shockwave, no fircefields went up, sending the Engineering crew to it's inevitable death. The Warp Core was unable to last against the vacuum and developed an emormous plasma leak, flooding the Engineering bay with searing Plasma, the Dreadnought's power levels were fading and eventually the ship shut itself down, the rest of the crew losing life support in minutes.

Krovennan breathed a sigh of relief, the ship's power had gone out, but Life Support was at least working, Krovennan pressed his combadge, hapily they werent tied to the ship's power.

"Darksabre to Yvoli, status Gyzit."

"Yvoli here, the Warp Core is reduced to basic functions, Warp Drive is out of the question unless we can get it repaired at a Starbase."

"How long would it take us to get to the nearest friendly Starbase at full Impulse?"

"A long time, 3-4 weeks at least."

"3-4 weeks?! We only have enough replicator provisions for another 3 days. We'll need to figure something out, call a meeting of senior officers, I'll be in my Ready Room."

"Aye sir, though I advise we make it quick, the Warp Core has very little power left in it, it'll go out by midnight unless we can find a source of power."

"Noted, call the meeting, Darksabre out."
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Half an hour later, the usual collection of senior officers were seated in the Conference Room, Dale and Kri'gak were sporting some wounds, without power, Sickbay couldn't patch them up properly, so they'd be in triage bandages for a week at least. The officers had all been informed of the situation, they knew that if something was not done quickly, then they would al suffocate in their sleep.

"Alright, so we know that the Warp Core will go out in a few hours unless we give it some power, suggestions?"

"We could take power from another system, feed the Warp Core just enough power to maintain itself long enough to reach the nearest friendly station."

"Unfortunately Drehera, the Warp core is the very thing powering those systems, the Warp Core will be unable to take power from that."

"Exactly Gruturu, so I suggest we take the Breen Frigate we disabled, we can fix Life Support, clear out the bodies and warp away."

"Tallasa, the Frigate is simply not big enough to handle the entire crew, and even if it was, we cannot abandon the Blacksabre, it has too much experimental technology to be taken or destroyed, no, we bring it back with us."

"Aye sir, so what does that leave us?"

The officers pondered in silence for a moment before Gyzit raised his hand in sudden realisation.

"Sir, the Replicators, one of the recent advancments is the Replicator network works on it's own isolated power, it would still be working. We can siphon power from it to power the Warp Core and limp home."

"I see, do you think you could do it before the Core shuts down?"

"Easily, I could have it done in half an hour."

"Wait a minute, then what about food? The Crew need the replicators to make 70% of the ship's food supply, the chef cannot cook for 450 crew members on his own."

"Your right Anderson, besides, most of his ingredients are replicated anyway, we'll have to be efficient about this. We need to use the Replicators as little as possible to feed as many as possible."

"Sir, if it helps, the Breen ships will have had emergency rations of their own, we could send a retrieval teams to the more intact ships to scout for anything edible."

"Good thinking Tallasa, I want you and Kri'gak to assemble a team each, you will handle the decks of the Dreadnought that still have containment, Kri'gak, your team will handle the frigate."

"Aye sir."

"Yes sir."

"Drehera, Gohlren. See what you can do about finding some volunteers to help the cook, as well as finding recipes that will do as much with as little as possible, the ship's water supply should still be working, tell him to take from that instead of replicating it, we should still have plenty."

"Yes sir."

"Yes sir."

Gyzit, under no circumstances is there to be any unnecessary use of the ship's power, dim the lights, lessen the artificial gravity, Turbolifts are to be shut down, we'll use the Jeffries Tubes, divert anything spare to the deflector and the engines, set a straight course for the nearest allied station, no deviation for anything."

"Aye sir."

"Saavip, we'll need to lower the shifts as much as possible, just point the ship in the right direction and let it handle the rest, get people to sleep as much as they can since we won't be using the Holodecks to keep people occupied, Drehera will have to put anyone who cannot return to active duty before we reach the station into stasis, be sure to let everyone know that individual Replicator use is off limits."

"Yes sir."

"Grillemar, I want you to start collecting anything you can break down to make more Replicator rations, plants are a good way to get what we need to replicate more vegetables. Anything you can use , but do not start taking things that the crewmen object to getting rid of, last thing we need is a mutiny because you took everyone's plants."

"Yes sir."

"Dale, I want you to brief the crew on the changes, and then to cut off ship-wide communciations, combadges only until we reach the station."

"Aye sir."

"Good, I think that is everything, if I did not call your name, help one of the others in any way you can, dismissed."

True to his word, Gyzit had the Blacksabre set up in half an hour, the salvage teams had returned just as they left, they were now using the small craft's power supplies to help feed the Core, it would be close, but it just might be enough to haul the Blacksabre home, they even recovered some of the wreckage from the lost nacelle to help repair it.

Krovennan was sitting in his Ready Room going over casualty reports from the battle, thankfully the boarding parties did not survive their attack on the Blacksabre, last thing they needed was prisoners to look after in this state. Twenty minutes into the journey, Tallasa, Saavip and Drehera all entered the Ready Room.

"Report on the current situation, what did the salvage teams manage to find?"

"Kri'gak's team had little ground to search, but managed to find the emergency rations as well as some of the crew's personal rations, we had enough to disperse to the crew, that should help for a couple of days, my party was more successful, the huge crew of the Dreadnought had a larger supply, we're holding the majority of that in reserve for now, the cook thinks the could use them and perhaps make them last longer."

"I see, thank you Tallasa, what about the cook Drehera, whats the situation in the Mess Hall?"

"We were able to find some volunteers to help, the cook has found some soup recipes he's using to stretch out the ingredients, the crew seem reasonably content with the current situation, but we'll need to change things up eventually or we'll be facing unrest."

"Make a note to Kri'gak to keep his force ready in case of an altercation. Saavip, anything to report on the shift changes?"

"The crew seem tolerant of the changes, however, they cannot sleep indefinitely, its logical to assume that they will be restless eventually, we'll need to find something to occupy them."

"Thank you Saavip, I'll think of something, also, make a note to Gyzit, life support in any deck that has no life in it or the adjacent decks is to be shut down, might be able to give us another light year or two. Dismissed."

The trio saluted the Vice Admiral before leaving the Ready Room. Krovennan continued to look through the reports for another hour before leaving. Krovennan lay in his bed and knew that the next couple of weeks would be difficult, but what choice did they have?
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# 14 Replicator Rations
01-11-2012, 10:28 PM
“Where’s that torpedo?” Pii asked over his shoulder to his tactical officer.

“It’s coming, Pii,” Jorg cried out as a shower of sparks burst from the console behind her. The Klingon woman pounded on the console as if she can beat the computer into submission.

The bridge of the USS Copernicus was smoky, fires burned, consoles exploded, bulkheads and optical cable hung from the ceiling, and was on the verge of complete structural collapse. Another torpedo volley rocked the ship.

“We’ve got hull breaches!”

“Evacuate those areas,” Pii ordered as he picked himself off the floor and back into the chair.

“Got it!” Jorg exclaimed when the torpedo icon on her panel indicated that it was ready for one last ditch effort.

“Fire!” Pii announced as he rose from his seat and stared at the sputtering view screen. The torpedo appeared at the bottom of the screen and crawled toward the massive Breen Capital ship. Everyone on the Bridge held their breaths and watched it—silently urging it to find its target. As it approached their opponent, it grew smaller and smaller. Pii walked over to his helmsman and placed a hand on her shoulder and gave it a triumphant squeeze when the torpedo struck its target. The bridge exploded in gleeful cheers and shouts of joy.

“Captain …,” Goshen gasped from the Science station. “The torpedo did more than just disable the Breen ship. We’ve got secondary and tertiary explosions. Its warp core is going critical.”

“Evasive Maneuvers. Get us out of here,” Pii ordered.

“Aye, Captain,” Lorpa announced with a flurry of gestures across her console. Pii watched the slowly disintegrating ship creep away from the center of the view screen as the Copernicus came about.

“We’re not going to make it,” Goshen called out prophetically, just as the Capital ship erupted. Still within the expanse of the viewer, the ship disappeared in a blinding flash of light and fire. A massive shockwave followed on its heels.

“Brace for impact!” Pii cried out. It was too late. The ship rocked violently as it came in contact with the front. Sparks showered down from the ceiling as another bulkhead collapsed and landed across the captain’s chair, knocking it over. Panels cracked, consoles erupted, and crewmen were tossed around the bridge like rag dolls.

Pii found himself on the floor again. His palms hurt. He looked at them and found shards of broken glass and debris criss-crossing them with blood running down his arms. He tore the sleeves from his tattered uniform and wrapped his hands with it. He forced himself to his feet and took inventory of his bridge crew. “Report.”

From all around him, a cacophony of voices responded as the crew also found their feet and returned to their stations.

“I’m alright, Captain.”

“Same here.”

“I’ve seen better days, but I’ll live.”

“I wish I had stayed on Risa …”

“Damage Report,” Pii ordered with a cough as the smoke began to irritate his eyes and tickle his throat. The sound of consoles being activated and status reports correlating on the shattered panels was the immediate response. “Is there something wrong with the Environmental systems?”

Finally, from the Ops station, Lt. Remmy Smith, began to detail the ship’s status. “Sir, we have hull breaches on decks 22 through 14, 10, 6, 4, and … 1? Emergency bulkheads have engaged and are holding, but power reserves are low. Warp drive is offline – structural damage to the … port nacelle. Engineering reports that once they get the engines back online, we shouldn't go faster than warp 3. Any faster, and the nacelle will break free from the ship, if we don’t blow up first. We’re leaking deuterium.”

“Is there any good news?” Pii asked.

“I’m afraid not, sir,” Smith continued. “Port side shield emitters are fried. The communications array is gone, and I mean that quiet literally. Life support is operating at 26% of efficiency. Sick Bay is reporting in with heavy casualties.”

“Thank you, Lt.”

“Captain, there’s more.”

“Send it to my Ready room. I’ll review it later.”

“Sir, that’s just the thing. You don’t have a Ready Room anymore.”


“The hull breach on Deck 1 …”

Pii slumped his shoulders and hung his head. He straightened up immediately and hoped no one noticed his momentary lax of concentration. His alcove was in his ready room. It had been almost 36 hours since he last regenerated and was beginning to feel fatigued. No rest for the weary, he thought to himself as he turned back to Lorpa at the helm. “We’re not going anywhere Ensign; report to the shuttle bay and take a shuttle back Defera.”

“Sir …”

Pii turned towards the irritating little Englishman. “What is it Lt. Smith?”

“The shuttle bay was targeted by the Breen. We can’t get the doors open.”

“Cut through them by hand if you have to, but I want a shuttle launched as quickly as possible.” Pii watched as Lt. Smith relayed the orders through his panel.

The ship was in bad shape. No warp drive, dwindling power reserves, and no way to communicate with Starfleet. This was not looking good. Pii quickly estimated that it would take the Copernicus 6 six weeks, 2 days, 18 hours, 47 minutes, and 23 seconds to reach Defera. He doubted that he or the crew would be around that long. The Copernicus had been assigned a patrol route – a quick jaunt through Defferi space. They left Defera with minimal supplies. They would be lucky to last a week with rationing.

“Are there any inhabitable planets, moons, or asteroids – anything nearby?

Goshen pulled up a star chart and studied it. “There’s a small M-class planet three light years from here. It’s uninhabited, but it has an abundance of resources, and edible plant and animal life. We will be able to wait for rescue or at least resupply our food and fuel reserves before heading to Defera.”

“Lorpa, set a course for that planet,” Pii ordered.

Lorpa nodded and took her seat. She laid in a course. “Warp engines are still offline.”

“Of course they are … Coordinate with Engineering. As soon as engines are back online, set a course for the planet, as quickly as our broken little ship can go.”

“Aye, Captain,” Lorpa replied. She rose from the conn, hurried to the turbolift, and stepped inside. “Engineering,” she said before the doors closed.

Pii turned to Jorg. “Can we launch a probe?”

Jorg growled. “The launchers are still offline. We had to launch that last torpedo manually. I can get one launched, but not from here.”

“Get on it, Jorg,” Pii ordered.

Jorg nodded and turned away from her console. She adjusted the fit of her prosthetic leg. It was uncomfortable, but she hadn’t selected this particular prosthetic for comfort. From mid-thigh to knee, the prosthetic limb resembled and functioned as any normal limb would. However, from the knee down, it tapered to a slender stump with a heavy metal stud that she wielded as a lethal weapon in hand to hand combat. It thudded against the deck as she made her way to the turbolift.

Pii turned to his science officer, “Goshen, I need you to cram a subspace transceiver into a type two probe. Do you think you can do it?”

Goshen thought about it for a moment, and nodded. “If I pull the sensor and propulsion packages from it, we’d have at least a subspace beacon. I can program it to transmit a weak distress call at best.”

“Do it. Include in the message where we are going. Hopefully, by the time we reach the planet, rescue will be waiting for us.”

Just as Jorg reached the turbolift, Lt. Smith cleared his throat and said, “Turbolifts just went offline.”

“BaQa,” Jorg mumbled under her breath and glared at Lt. Smith. She went over to an access panel, removed it, and exposed the Jeffery tube. “Don’t touch my leg …,” she threatened, still looking at Remmy, before kicking it off. He responded with a sarcastic smile as she crawled into the Jeffery tube and disappeared.

Goshen and Pii approached the open Jeffery tube. Goshen was about to follow Jorg, when Lt. Smith said with a cheshire grin, “The turbolifts are back online.”

Pii had seen this before. “Mr. Smith, are you trying to get your wife angry at you again?”

“Yes, Captain,” he said with a sly smile. He averted his eyes.

“This is not the time to spice things up in the bedroom.” Pii knew that they were trying to have children.

“Yes, Captain.”

Pii shook his head and approached the turbolift. The doors opened. “If you need me, I’ll be in Engineering giving them a hand.” Before stepping inside, he asked, “Lt. Smith, are there any systems on this ship that are working?”

Lt. Remmy Smith replied, “Replicators, sir.”

A smile crossed Pii’s lips at the irony. “Too bad, we’re having emergency rations tonight and for the foreseeable future. Inform the crew that replicators will be off limits for the time being. We’re going to need them to stitch this ship back together again. He stepped inside. "Engineering," he ordered as the doors closed.
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Captain's Log Supplemental.

"It's been three days since our encounter with the Borg. Damn close fight." Mirmulnir gave sitting in the Captains ready room "What became of our sister ship, the Var'Kai IV, I'll never know. All I know is that the Draco Ardere has been severely damaged, and we are currently running on emergency power. A fleet went in, for a patrol close to what was suspected to be a Borg transwarp gateway, very few ships made it back out. Probes, Cubes, what have you... It was a nightmare." The large Gorn leaned back, the light in his ready room near off due to the lack of power "Computer end log."

A confirmatory chime.

"Damage report."

A holographic image appeared before him a female nursing her arm "Captain." She nodded before opening another hologram, showing a significantly damaged Draco Ardere "As you can see, Captain, that assault has done significant damage, so much so, that the most I can give you is emergency power. At current, we are limping back towards Defera Prime on impulse, in the hopes that we might be able to get towed back to Qo'noS where I can get all the repairs I need." She said, wincing slightly as she knocked her arm, a representation of the lost nacelle. "Permission to speak candidly?"


"Why the hell did the chancellor order us to do this? We were perfectly fine in our current assignment."

"Iizgaafzin, You know I cannot deny the transfer, but I wished I denied the mission... I shouldn't have put you in harm's way like I did." The gorn replied softly, the hologram sighed and walking towards him, before plopping down on his lap

"Love, there wasn't anything you could do. I was not performing at peak."

Mirmulnir chuckled "one of the best parts about you, is that you cannot lie about what you can and cannot do. You were running at better then your best, It was my commands that brought us down. If I didn't give the order to break away at the insistence of General Odahviing, then we wouldn't be here to talk about your damage. Either way, you still managed to get us outside the danger zone, even on impulse. That is a feat in itself."

"I try my best."

"So you do... Now, on to the next matter on the table, With us running on emergency power, how do you expect we ration replicators?"

"Considering I can only run the system on 25 percent power, else we start taking from life support, We replicate only the stuff we need. I know a couple chefs who are quite talented, and we have enough food in the hydroponics bays to last us until we make it to Defera, where I can at least have the power systems repaired." The holo-gorn replied, leaning on his chest as he kissed her/it.

"Then we don't have much to worry about there do we? Glad you thought of this before we left Qo'noS."

"I'm a computer, love. I project all possibilities, and decide the best course of action."

"A course that saved us all."
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Lieutenant Commander Kala Lahal sighed and sat down at the table in the mess hall. She spied two junior logistics officers glancing at her direction with eyes that seemed to wonder why the Stellar Drift's Chief Engineer was eating dinner instead of crawling through access tunnels to get the main power supply back on. She flashed them an icy glare and turned to her husband, First Officer Commander Soral. He averted his attention from the paintings on the starboard bulkhead to his beloved wife.

"I believe you will once again find today's meal unsatisfying." The Vulcan man said, glancing at the pile of purpleish brown mush on her plate.

"It's better than nothing I suppose." The red haired Bajoran looked at Soral and rubbed her abdomen and shrugged. "I am beginning to feel thankful for that arboretum that the Captain insisted on having. Things could be a lot worse."

"How close are you to getting main power back?" Soral asked.

Kala shrugged, grabbing a fork and stabbing the mush hesitantly. "That last torpedo blast literally fused the main power coupling to the bulkhead, and the fire on Deck 8 completely destroyed the primary EPS junction along with the starboard back up power relays on that deck. I don't know who designed those two systems to be so close together, but they should be shown to the next airlock. Without those relays on deck 8, our auxiliary power is at best 68% of what it should be, and we are only getting half the cycle rate. Unless we get help from another starship, it will take us at least 2 weeks with us limping along at full impulse before we get everything back."

"You mean, until we put in to Starbase." The Vulcan scooped some of the mush off his plate and chewed, suppressing an expression of displeasure.

She sighed feeling guilty and nodded. "We just don't have the components on board at the moment. That's what we get when Starfleet demands us offload essential equipment to ferry their useless contraband."

"I don't consider medical supplies to be useless contraband."

"I do when it's trigger components disguised as medical supplies." Kala held her breath and shoved a fork full of mush into her mouth. She looked over at the kitchen area and watched Chef Rolot slop some mush onto Lieutenant Ziri Olio's tray, and then drop three ripe Bolian plums on top of it. She made a face at it, which caused the Chief Engineer to chuckle. Bolian plums were Ziri's favorite.

"Kala." Soral said, leaning over the table and quieting his voice. "I don't like you drawing such conclusions. I looked at the manifest itself, and the cargo scans and it's nothing more than a few hundred medical kits. I can tell you, the people on Colius II will be more than grateful."

"I'm telling you, I have seen my share of medical hauls and this one is atypical. Go over it again and break down the components in a more basic manner. Plus, this is a lot for one medical haul. Enough, that we have to dump essential components from Cargo Bay 1 when half the ships available are sending medical supplies their way. Also, why the trip to this sector? Colius II is way off in Romulan space, not here. On top of it our normal patrol is in Iota Pavonis."

The Stellar Drift's First Officer shrugged his shoulders dismissively. "I wouldn't trouble yourself so much with unnecessary suspicion. I recall you once suspecting Commander Sevak to be an Undine, which turned out to be extremely false, but not without damage to her reputation as well as yours. If the Captain wishes to reveal it's something other than medical supplies, she will. Until then, we're carrying medical supplies."
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Captain's Personal Log: Stardate 88955.9.

With us on minimal power, I am doing this the hard way: On paper. I think this is the first time in perhaps nearly 200 years a ship's log has been written on paper.

Where do I begin? This mission has been nothing short of a nightmare. I should have known better than to trust Admiral Suret with what should have been a simple supply pick up. Well, she put it that way, but I think that stale air over at Starbase 43 has made her forget what life in space is really like.

My engineering staff has been working their little fingers to the bone to preserve what we have, and try and fix the primary EPS junction before we get back. Lest we run into more trouble, which we have been thus far been lucky to avoid. When we finally do get back, I am putting them all in for a commendation. Especially Kala. I don't think there is a finer Chief Engineer in Starfleet, and perhaps she is right about me pushing the ship a bit too hard.

This debacle now has the crew are starting to ask questions-- theorize about what we are doing in this sector when we are to be transporting medical supplies to Colius II.

I wish I could tell them the real reason we went to K-7. The real reason we passed through Orellius, and that it has to do with more than just Colius II. More is at stake than Colius II.

No, the mission we are on could change everything: Save the Romulan Star Empire, shift the balance of power in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants for the better--

The ship jolted violently. Kim threw down her pen and was out of her chair before the red alert klaxon had time to sound.

“Two Klingon warships decloaking, port and starboard!” Lieutenant Thulvius shouted from Tactical. The young Andorian officer's hands flew up his console, searching for any more enemy targets.

“Evasive maneuvers and return fire!” Commander Sevak ordered. The Vulcan woman gripped the command chair tightly as the ship shuddered again.

“Shields down to 23%, and we have a breach on deck 4. Emergency forcefields are offline.” Lieutenant Commander Thol reported from Operations, curling his antenna protectively around his head as a power conduit in the overhead sparked.

“Get everyone off that deck and seal it. Divert all power to the shields!”


Sevak turned her attention to the turbolift door, and Admiral Sharp who hurriedly made her way to the command center. She rose, gripping the arms tightly, nearly stumbling off her feet as the ship jolted under several more direct hits.

“We got jumped. They just decloaked out of nowhere. No hails, not even ship identification.” Sevak said to Kim.

Blood ran down Sevak’s face from an open wound on her forehead. Suddenly, the room changed and filled with smoke and fire. She recognized the bridge, but it was one to an Akira class starship, not the Drift. Instantly, she remembered where she was. The Oregon. Julie…. Kim turned from the helm console and stared back at Tactical as a fire raged behind the console and the young, redhaired human officer gripped the sides of her station, still firing off shots at the Dominion warships that closed in on their position.

“Captain, more ships are decloaking.” Lieutenant Falor reported from helm.

Admiral Sharp looked from the Betazoid man and around the bridge. "Where's Commander Soral?"

"I don't know." Sevak replied. "Last I checked he was on Deck 4 with Kala...." Her voice trailed off as she felt a cold chill wash over her. Blinking away a sudden rush of tears, she moved to return to her station and was caught on her arm by Kim. Frowning, she turned to her.

“I need you to get off the ship.” Kim said quietly.

The ship shuddered again.

“Admiral!” Thulvius shouted.

“Keep returning fire, Lieutenant. Target the closest vessel and give them all we have!”

“You’re crazy.” Sevak said quietly. "I can't leave. With Soral gone that means I'm the next in line."

“This ship is lost. I want you to get into a shuttle or an escape pod and head to Starbase 23. Take as many as you can."

“Kim, I’m not leaving.” The Vulcan woman said in a firm tone.

“Sevak, don’t argue with me, just go!” Kim shouted, gripping onto her tightly as the ship shuddered again.

Realizing that her statement was heard by everyone else, she turned and looked at each of her bridge officers, who stared back at her puzzled.

“You heard me. Abandon ship!”

Admiral Sharp moved to bring up the auto-destruct prompt.

“Sir!” Lieutenant Thulvius exclaimed and pointed to the screen.

Kim paused and looked up to see an attacking Bird of Prey take several cannon hits and burst into flames, while a second one began taking phaser array hits. Her eyes went wide in both surprise and excitement as a Prometheus and a Trident class starship swooped into the view screen display.

“Vai and Liara.” Kim breathed.

“Sir, the Stellar Drift has taken severe damage. I am reading shields at 3%, and their hull integrity is down to 15%. I’m also showing main power is offline, and Auxiliary is down to 35%.” Ensign Sikini said, glancing up from the science station at Captain Liara Bain.

“Extend our shields around them, and transfer them some of our reserve power.”

“I am not sure we are configured to do that, Captain. At least not while in combat.”

The redhaired Malcorian turned to the young, green officer and smiled. “Sure we are, Ensign. All you have to do is take one of the internal nodes offline, and activate an external node in the main deflector, then use the targeting sensors to find the Stellar Drift.”

She walked around Sikini’s console and typed on the keypad, reconfiguring the Kookaburra’s main deflector.
The Prometheus class starship shuddered under a torpedo hit.

“Shields at 74%.” Commander Jala said, her Bajoran first officer eyeing Liara.

“There! Now, begin the transfer.” Captain Bain said, meeting Jala’s gaze and smiling cordially.

Miquiti’s brows raised and she typed on the console, diverting power from non-essential systems to the external node and transferring it to the damaged Luna class starship.

“Helm, keep us close to the Stellar Drift. We don't want to give the Klingons any more open shots. Mr. Plala, open a channel to the Starfinder, and make sure that we are coordinating our attacks with them. We want to take advantage of Captain e’Hvalli’s talents.”
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# 18 'The Pool'
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'The Pool'
Author: XR-377

“I say we break into 'the pool'.”

“No,” Specialist Hauser didn't even hesitate.

“Think about it,” Ezeni continued, “there has to be enough there to at least make the rationing a little more bearable. We can distribute it evenly among the crew if it makes you feel better.”

The specialist didn't dignify the statement with a response.

“I'm sorry, 'pool'? Did I miss something?” asked Petty Officer Yonus, finally turning away from his console.

“No, you're just new,” Kasyd Ezeni quipped as the rest of the bridge shift crew chuckled. Their ship's primary operating hours were based on the 3rd shift clock, mimicking the prime hours of east asia on earth. The result was that this particular shift was the first of the night watches and comparative to the late night, despite being what would be considered by the rest of starfleet to be early morning. Like all the shifts the duty officers involved had grown accustomed to one another, and being a new transfer to both their ship and shift Trill Petty Officer Yonus naturally felt out of the loop quite often.

“Cut him some slack Kasyd, it's not like you weren't new once,” Evangeline Barthell called back from the conn, “Although, he probably could use someone else's guidance rather than yours. What was it you did during your first week again to put you on this shift? Something about running off to enter an unsanctioned combat arena?”Ezeni reached up and rubbed one of his antenna, the scar that marked where it had to be re-attached stuck out like a sore thumb.

“Alright, point taken,” he shrugged light-heartedly and then leaned up against his console to casually address the new-bee. “So, Yonus, you seem to be an observant fellow. Have met Security Chief Bovard yet?”

“I'm operations staff, so I haven't been introduced to her no...”

“But you've seen her?” asked Ezeni with a grin.

“W-well,” the image of the dark skinned and physically fit woman strutted through his mind. It absent-mindedly flicked the hair alongside her neck revealing the sleek tattoo while passing. “Y-yeah, I saw her,” Yonus tried to say without croaking. Ezeni chuckled knowingly and the rest of the crew was unaware of Evangeline rolling her eyes up at the conn.

“Tell us, how much do you know about Lt. Commander Mary Celeste Bovard?”

“I'm not sure I understand the question?”

“Despite what you think Ezeni, not everyone at the academy is taught obscure lore about former students.” Ernie Hauser added to the conversation as he typed away at his work, his VISOR never leaving it.

“I swear, what do they teach kids these days?”

“ 'These days'?“ came the voice of Ensign Terrok, a Cardiassian tractor beam specialist and the only member of their shift who was an actual bridge officer. “If I recall Kasyd you're less then a year out of the academy yourself?” Ernie, looking up from his work, was the one who finally chose to relieve Yonus's confused look.

“Lt. Commander Bovard has a bit of a history from her academy days that Kasyd apparently thinks everyone who goes to the academy knows.”

“Hey I heard it, that's all that's important to me.”

“Well then why don't you be kind and share?” Ezeni made a flat expression at the back of his shift compatriot, then again shrugged before he began to type at his own console.

As he did he spoke, “Well, as it turns out, the Lt. Commander was actually almost expelled from Starfleet Academy in her third year, for an incident that is rumored to be the sole reason why the Captain applied for her to be added to the crew.” This curiosity caught Yonus's attention. “The story goes that while out on a date in San Fran with a fellow cadet three men in a bar began to bother them. Witnesses say the two tried to ignore them until eventually one of the men went to strike her date. The subsequent conflict resulted in significant property damage and the urgent need to rush all three accosting gentlemen to emergency medical treatment.”

“It sounds like it was justified,” Yonus defended, “Like they had it coming to them. Why was she almost expelled for that?”

“Oh no, it wasn't that. She was almost expelled for what happened after.” He began to smirk again, “Apparently, after it was said and done, her date put his arm around her, leaned over to her ear and whispered something. After which she promptly broke his arm in two places. That is what she was almost expelled for.”

The new crewmen gave a surprised whistle.

“Yeah,” the storyteller bemused, “In the end the charges against her were dropped at the other cadets request, claiming that he 'probably deserved it'.” That said Ezeni stopped typing and leaned forward on his console. “It's also now said that like the ship, 'Mary Celeste' Bovard is cursed. And any man who rid-”

“Okay, that's enough of that,” Barthell interjected from up front, “unless of course you want me to turn on the ship's intercom?”

Ezeni just leaned closer and at a whisper gave the end of the sentence, “... never seen again.” He waved his fingers eerily just for the sake of it.

After a little time to allow for the snorts and snickers Yonus returned to his original inquiry, “So what's this have to do with that pool you mentioned?”

“Well,” Ernie Hauser answered, “Shortly after Ms. Bovard joined the crew someone decided to start a betting pool based on the concept of what it was the other cadet said to get his arm broken. For the cost of one replicator ration you can put your guess for the offending comment into the pool. If and when the answer is found out, the winner takes the pot of ration withdrawals. It will be split up evenly among the winners in the case of a tie.”

“That's it? It's a ration betting pool?”


“But isn't betting aboard a Federation Starship a violation of-”


“So then why are you doing it?”

“Because, we honestly want to know and it's pretty harmless. There is a good chance the Lt. Commander knows about the pool herself, but hasn't stopped it since it keeps the speculation off her back.”

“And the rumor and relative fear it provides is just enough to keep most of the male crew from giving her 'unwanted attention'.” Barthell added.

“If the captain wanted it stopped he would do so,” Ernie returned to the head of the conversation, “instead I'm just waiting for him to throw his own lot in.”

“My bet is he's waiting till he actually knows the answer,” Terrok added, “it sounds like something he'd do.”

“So it's more a ship's joke than a betting pool? Do people even participate?”

“We're up to 648.”

“This is a Long Range Science Vessel!? There is only a crew of 200!”

“Multiple entries. 'Johnny' Cutts down in medical has put in over 38 alone.”

“How long did you say this has been going on?”

“I hear since shortly after she joined the crew. About, a little over a year now,” Ezeni explained. “Ernie Hauser here is in charge of the pool. He inherited it when Ensign Smith...”

A silence drifted into the room at the mention of the name. Eventually Ezeni returned to the original topic in order to lift it.

“But yeah, I say we break into the pool in order to spread some of the rations around. That way some of us can have three meals a day instead of just two with the current rationing in place.”

“Kasyd, you know it doesn't work that way. The pool is just a tally of unclaimed withdrawals. With the energy supplies limited and the active replicator rationing in place by the captain even if one person had access to all 648 claims he couldn't actually collect more than two a day.”

“Not true! While you are right that you wouldn't be able to get all of the pool's worth of rations you would be able to get at some. Until the system rebalances itself at a starbase any new additions to the pool are in a state of 'energy limbo' with no one to claim them. Right Petty Officer?” All the eyes on the bridge fell on Yonus, who was indeed a system's engineer.

“It is pretty sound logic...” he shrugged.

“So! All that matters is if anyone has come to Ernie with any new ideas in the last week. Well?”

Specialist Hauser didn't look up from from his work, but he did stretch his neck uncomfortably, “12.”

“Ha ha! There we have it! It may not be enough to feed the whole crew but... it would be enough for two extra rations for everyone here listening in providing they stay quiet. Plus one extra as a finders fee for me and one for Ernie as gatekeeper.”

“Well that's a rather deceitful of you,” Evangeline quipped.

“Yeah, well I'm hungry, and I get a little testy when I'm hungry.” After this point, for some reason, everyone looked to Ensign Terrok as if being the one Bridge Officer among them he would be able to pass a final word of yay or nay. Instead all he provided them with was his continuing chuckle at Ezeni's emotional response to having an empty stomach.

“I wouldn't worry about it so much,” he eventually said to the silence, “Sure our communications are down and we're weeks away from repairs at a starbase while on impulse but isn't like we need to find a vast floating interstellar farmer's market to stock up at. All we need is a little energy and some matter to rearrange. Voyager did it for what, seven years, without breaking a sweat? Granted... they had warp.”

“Not to mention the Captain also sent his first officer and some others in one of the shuttles to get in contact with Starfleet,” the shift crew sighed at the recollection brought on by Ensign Barthell's memory. His own excitement curbed Kaysd Ezeni began to slump against his console. “We may not be able to talk to anything or go at warp but they can. I'm sure we'll be resupplied and have starfleet support within a week.”

“There you have it Kaysd,” Ernie said, finally smiling over at him, “Honor and integrity win the day. Besides, Christmas is more fun if you don't peak at your presents early.” Ezeni merely mumbled something about Andorian holidays.

“So, about the pool...” The rest of the crew stopped to stare at the Trill, Yonus just smirked. “I'm going to go with, 'You're going to have to show me that High-kick again later'.”

There was a mutual amount of nodding done by the rest of the group before someone said, “Good answer.”

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...Light. Stunning light. He closed his eyes to let the darkness comfort him. He opened his eyes again, slowly this time to allow his vision to focus. He was low to the ground, sitting by his chair. Why am I sitting?

...He saw beams of metal erupting from the walls and decking, cutting across the room like a maze, fountains of sparkling light flowed from the consoles as smoke filled the room. Where am I?

...He could smell singed flesh and the stench of death he had come to know. He shook his head to clear the chaos in his brain to fully understand the chaos around him.
What happened?

...A blurry figure walked towards him as he tried to regain his focus.

...“Easy, sir.” Came a sharp voice. “You took quite a bump.” He looked up to see Commander Jenne standing over him, her hand placed gently on his shoulder.

...“Report commander.” He ordered, trying to exert his authority and at least maintain the illusion that he had any idea what was happening.

...“They hit us hard sir. A Breen ship dropped out of warp right on top of us. Blew our port nacelle to pieces. Phlax said warp drive will be out for months unless we can get to a starbase.”

...“What happened to the Breen ship?” he asked, taking in deep breaths.

...“The second volley caused several EPS relays to overload. One went off in front of you. I took command and managed to take out their forward cannons, more a lucky shot than anything in truth. After that, they warped away. We still have our weapons so if they come back for us we can at least defend ourselves. Shields are at fifty percent and communications are down.”

...“Good, well done commander.” he said, gingerly rising to his feet. She took his arm to provide some support.

...“How many people are hurt, how many dead?” he asked sombrely. He could already see two crew members who had not been as lucky as he.

...She took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. “As far as we can tell, twenty wounded and seven dead.”

...He shook his head. It never got any easier losing someone. “Damn it, those Breen are getting bolder by the day. With our forces tied down with the Borg they have become more brazen every day.”

...“I know, there little more than thugs and pirates.” she said angrily. He could see the rage building up behind her blue skin. Andorians always keep their emotions near the surface and Jenne was not one to shy away from letting them out for some fresh air every now and then.

...He decide it was best to keep to business for now. There would be plenty of time to grieve and be angry later. “What’s the food situation like?”

...“Replicators are off line. We have some food rations, enough for three or four days. Starbase forty-seven is two weeks away.”

...“Two weeks!” he sighed. “Wonderful. Looks like will be tightening our belts for awhile. Any M-class planets nearby?”

...“Only Tridor Six, and there is a known True Way base there. I don’t think we will find much help there.”

...“Agreed. That’s far too risky. Starbase forty-seven it is. See if you can get external communications up and hail the base. Perhaps they can dispatch rescue ships to meet us half way?” He nodded to her and mobbed back to his chair. After cleaning some fallen debris from the consoles he checked the keys to see if they still worked. It was important that
That he let the crew hear his voice. To let them know he was okay and the command structure was still in place. Being a Starfleet officer did not totally remove the sense of fear and confusion that an attack likes this brings. He cleared his throat and drew a deep breath to help clear his mind and then activated the intercom.

...“This is Admiral Tanar, to all hands. We are battered and beaten but we are still here. We are on course to starbase forty-seven. At best speed it will take two weeks to reach them and we have to make do with what food and medical supplies that we have. Your department heads will draw up ration plans to see us through until we can reach help, or help can reaches us. Please submit this reports to commander Jenne within the hour."

..."The next two weeks will be tough, but nothing we can’t handle. You all have my full confidence that we will come through this, as we always do. There is a reason this ship is called The Relentless. She never gives up on us and we won’t give up on her, or each other. We will pull through this. Tanar out.”
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U.S.S. Pathrunner
Captian-Ambrose Cross Walker
Stardate: 2409119.6

His ship had been through thick and thin with the Kligons but never the Breen. Now because of his foolish decsion both his ship and his crew were to suffur, on the upswing there was no families on board. He has learned well at the acamedy from the battles with the Borg that having families on board boosted morale but was far more dangourous. He learned this from his father who had survived the Borg attack on the Enterpirse E.

Computer: " Captian Walker, morning staff meeting in 5 minutes,"
"Thank You," I said.

My ready room wasn't so bad just a few plaques knocked off the wall and a computer panel or two that needed to be fixed. I slowly got up and walked to the door of my ready room. I couldn't bear to look at my bridge because half of it was missing and all you could see was space. I was not on bridge when the Breen attack I had been having lunch with the Doctor discussing the latest disease. My Commander at the time only got the word attack out before half the bridge was destoryed. We fought the Breen off but at a heavy cost, 250 men and women dead, most of the fresh form the acamedy. I made my way across to the confrence room and sat at the head of the table, me being the late one.

"Morning everyone, Engineering report," I said.
"Extensive damage through out the ship both inside and outside, we have repaired all that can but the rest we gonna need a spacedock. The wrap core is the only thing still being worked on, and it will take atleast take two weeks on that. The aft nacelle is gone there is nothing left of it. The only other thing to report is that I manage to switch Life support to the Aux battery so the warp core won't shut down when we go to impluse." The chief engineer reported.
"Alright do what you can, Doctor?" I Said
"The dead have been place in the cargo bay 3 and its temprature brought down til we can convert some torpedo tube into statis chambers. There is 300 injured but because of the expanded sick bay we are able to house them. Other then that its going as smooth as it can." The Doc Said with a bitter tone.
"Zac how long will it take to prep all 4 shuttles plus the runabout, yahct and delta flyer?" I asked
For a monment the engineer fumble but recovers quicklly.
"Give or take 5 hours why, sir?" He questioned
"Split the remaining replicator rations among the ships and begin filling them up with personnel. each department will volenteer a skelton crew for each department and the rest will leave, understood. Doctor you will be in charge of bring them to the nearest federation outpost." I commanded.
"Sire, with all due respect only shuttle bay two is operational the other one is..." Zac said
" I will help on that, don't worried after the shuttles are gone we will get baby limped home. and if we should get into a fight we'll go down swinging. Doctor, You will have a bead on us, if you should run across a federation ship, sent it our way. Dismissed." I said with a sad tone.
Am I doing the right thing? Sending the shuttles out who only have a marginal chance more success than us at getting to an outpost. Who know but like my father I will not abandon a ship who has been good to my crew. This war is changing for better or worse I cannoit tell.

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