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Originally Posted by Pyrii View Post
I only just started doing STFs on holodeck, and I have no hope of getting a set within the next century. Let alone on tribble.

The only buff I want on these is making them obtainable.
They are attainable. Mk XII is a pig but TBH I don't care for the Mk XII as the differences are too small. The only visual I like is the Mk XI Omega (I wouldn't use the helmet anyway and some extra trimming on the collar isn't important to me) so that won't make me want them and TBH the sight of a Mk XII MACO or Omega set isn't half as impressive as the MACO Team Commander title. If someone wants it for bragging rights then they'll have to work for it, if it was easy to get there'd be nothing to show off as everyone would have the Mk XII sets.

Mk X and Mk XI are easy to get hold of, I haven't had to grind a single set out despite having both Mk XI sets on my two VAs as I've got drops to pick them up but even if I did at 40 EDC each you have something to aim for; the ground sets are definitely worth it now, particularly MACO but the Omega set is also nice despite being let down by the weapon. If someone feels that these are too difficult to get hold of then I don't know what to say, they take some effort to attain but being as good as they are they should do.

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