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I know, I know, Science ships are bad a PvE, but having committed to playing a Science ship I intend to be as effective as possible.

While Science ships are tough and have lots of science slots, most Science abilities aren't very good at damaging the enemy. Therefore, I decided to try and find ways to sacrifice toughness for firepower, and use my engineering slots for offense (No EPtS), relying on my science healing to take up the slack.

While I usually use Covariant shields on my escort, I intend to use Resilient shields now. I only want to spend one BOFF power on hull heals and one on shield heals. Using Resilient shields will transfer more of the burden to my shields, which are naturally stronger. Additionally, PvE tends to grind you to death, rather than spike you to death, so covariants are less necessary.

While my escort is using STF Mk X Photon Torpedoes, I intend to use Quantum torpedoes here, to try and take more advantage of times when the shields are down.

For BOFF powers, first up is getting what offense I can out of my science abilities. (Currently I am a Lt. Commander, soon to rank up.)

At Ensign level, my offensive science abilities are basically limited to Tachyon Beam, so I've got that. At Lt. there are a few more choices. Tachyon Beam II would be natural, but it shares a cooldown with Tachyon Beam I, and there are no other offensive Ensign science powers to replace Tachyon Beam I with. Photonic Officer looks promising. By decreasing the cooldown of my tactical and offensive sci/eng abilities, I should be able to raise my dps.

Less promising are Energy Siphon and Tykens Rift. Both will reduce the enemy's shield energy, but that's not as good as damaging their shields directly. Tyken's Rift does minor damage, and the energy boost from Energy Siphon will make me stronger, but that doesn't seem as good.

Engineering-wise, my Ensign power is Emergency Power to Weapons. For my Lt. power I am looking at Directed Energy Modulation, Boarding Party, or Emergency Power to Auxilary/Weapons. I could go with the Emergency Powers, but I already run pretty high weapon power and I don't have enough damaging science abilities for an Aux boost to be that important. Directed Energy Modulation seems the most offensive, but I'm using beams which don't fire that frequently, and even in my escort it never seemed to do much. Boarding Party offers a chance to disable a random subsystem, but unless it's shields, that's only so-so. I'm on the fence here.

Eventually I hope to use Gravity Well, and possibly Photonic Shockwave.

So, any thoughts? Design philosophies? Recommendations for higher level BOFF powers?
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01-13-2012, 07:10 AM
I will post you my VA setup on my Intrepid Retrofit...

Lt Tac: Tac Team 1, High Yield II (Quantum XII Borg Torpedos)
Lt Eng: Engineer Team 1, EPS II
Ens Sci: Polarize Hull 1
Lt Cm Sci: Sci Team 1, TSS II, Hazard III
Cm Sci: Tac Beam I, Tractor Beam II, Tykens Rift II, Gravity Well III.

Notice: This is an offensive damage dealing science setup, not a healer although you can still do some limited healing.
PS: Also Anti-Borg for STF Setup because the Gravity Well plus Tractor lets you control movement of nanite spheres...(you will understand this when you play on elite for the 1st time.)

Again science has so many options that you should play with it to find out what suits you best...

I should also add that I run with Aegis Deflector & Shields which make you #1, harder to hit, #2, increases power of gravity well exponentially
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01-13-2012, 07:48 AM
if its just for pve and you want more damage out of a sci ship do it with a tac officer
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01-13-2012, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by KlausWulfenbach View Post

While Science ships are tough and have lots of science slots, most Science abilities aren't very good at damaging the enemy.
Well, I don't know about that. Try the above build given in reply with Aux power above 80 : use tractor beam, Tyken Rift and when that finishes Gravity well will be up.... and all along spam your beams on the target. Unless it's a klink carrier I don't see many people survive that.

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