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Here are some personal highlights for me:

  • All Qo’noS Foundry contacts should now work properly.
    • All space weapons have had their FX updated:
    • If you miss while firing them, the FX for them will miss now too!
  • Players can no longer use calendar and journal transwarps when dead or in combat.
  • Call Trade Freighter now correctly gives access to the exchange.
  • Klingon characters now have access to the B’Tran cluster.
    • PvP maps will now wait a minute before ejecting players.
    • This means the rewards window will stay up longer.
  • The Special Task Force Equipment mission has been updated for KDF characters so they can now turn it in.
  • The number of spawn points has been increased for both Sol System and the Sirius Sector Block.
  • The client should no longer minimize when making changes to in-game options.
  • The client should no longer minimize when clicking outside it while in fullscreen mode.

  • Updated audio to resolve issues with extra echoes/reverb.
  • Added some missing audio to nano-pulse weaponry attacks.
  • Adjusted space phaser cannon audio volume and levels so they sound a little beefier now.

Duty Officers:
  • Modestly increased the number of shipboard assignments potentially available at any particular time.
  • Increased the chance of the Warp Core Engineer duty officer active roster power to activate.
  • Duty officer assignment "Reclaim Borg Drones" has a more appropriate critical reward.
  • Updated duty officer asylum assignments that were sometimes incorrectly giving poor quality duty officer rewards.
  • Colonial Emergency Supply Federation duty officer assignments are now giving the proper Dilithium Ore reward on critical.

  • Still need to test theese final changes before I pass judgement. So no "Meh" or "Win" here

A Transwarp button has been added to the minimap underneath the large warp button.
  • This button allows you to select your transwarp destination from a list instead of slotting your transwarp powers into your power tray.
Bridge Officer powers placed in the Personal Trays remember where they are placed, no matter when or how often Bridge Officer assignments are changed.


Known Issues:
MACO 2 Piece set bonus is not functioning as intended.
NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!! ! Oh... wait... I use the borg set... Never mind... Did Ya fix the Mk XI MACO shield-hull texure already, or is that still being ignored?

Omega Engines are granting a cooldown reduction on all space powers instead of just the Quantum Slipstream.
I don't really see much of an issue... "powers" cooldown in sector space anyways... 15 seconds off dosen't make much of a diffrence... But if you say it is a bug, you better get it fixed before F2P.

Occasionally, some items in the stores are missing icons and text.
They work properly and can be equipped as expected.
Changing maps or relogging will update the items with the correct icon and text.
Nuts... This has to be the WEARDEST bug ever...

The Mask Energy Field set bonus on the Klingon Honor Guard ship item set incorrectly leaves teammates’ ships in stealth when they are firing.
I don't see THAT many people complaining about this... most of the time combat is pretty close anyways... Still a bug, and needs fixing before 17'th... OH RIGHT... that's next week...

Opening the Skills Window with your ship selected while in space incorrectly displays your character’s skills.
Select your character before spending skillpoints, as it does not work with the ship selected.

How about you... what did you see as win in todays patch?

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