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# 1 Aaaaand loving it
01-11-2012, 11:13 PM
I recently gave the Maxwell Smartian response serving as this posts title to someone who looked over at my computer this week and saw me once again firing a polaron split beam after a long absence from the game. "Are you playing Star Trek Online again?"

I'd been reading Massively at work one day (surely while on some sort of union-sanctioned break period) and noticed that those that had played in the past where getting a chance to log in early for free-to-play and decided that I'd log in and check it out for an hour or two. Days later I emerged from the study with long hair and fingernails, shielding my eyes from the light and asking for food, water and unsoiled clothes.

Just wanted to thank all those behind the scenes responsible for the Duty Officer system, which has been the major drawcard for me, as well as the opportunity to check out all the work that's been done. Admittedly, after hitting a certain point in days of yore, myself and most of my Fleet found ourselves twiddling thumbs. There's certainly been some great additions in terms of events and content in general since my last visit. And now, thanks to FTP, I can at least convince some of those I enjoyed it with in the past to come back and check it out again as well......

...just for an hour or two....

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