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I'm not sure how ABSOLUTELY quick these are but it would certainly add polish for F2Pers coming in and be RELATIVELY quick fixes, pending approvals...

1) The LCARS thing. We get a nice, canon-looking LCARS at the login screen and then all the LCARS in game are blue. (Curse you, Marrone!) I think new and returning players, who might not be as into the content shortages since they won't have a content shortage yet, will latch onto this topic again. The textures exist for full color LCARS. Please plaster them everywhere. (NOT the UI. But in the environmental art.)

2) The Duty Officer system sets a precedent for a bit more uniformity, with all the DOs wearing the Academy uniforms. That really suggests that uniform customization is for senior officers (which is a bit more canon and maybe easier to swallow; it echoes the movie era where junior officers and enlistedpersonnel wear jumpsuits while Kirk wears something different every movie, including one where he was in a T-shirt and leather jacket) and so putting all junior officers in the game aboard starbases and ship interiors (also,preferably, redshirts and security escorts) in the Acdemy uniforms creates that consistency... But more importantly from a pragmatic PoV, it makes important characters pop out more when they're surrounded by redshirts wearing Academy fatigues and the important characters are all still wearing their custom uniforms. And it makes things consistent with the DOff system.

So... No names in the DOff/Academy uniforms, important senior officers in custom uniforms. It seems more viable on the whole, more believable, it's great advertising for the Academy uniformpack, and it suggests that custom uniforms are for senior staff, which helps BOTH with believability and with identifying important NPCs.

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