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Seeing the site had this fairly nice makeover, and that the dropdown menu entries have been consolidated/trimmed down... I thought this would be a good opportunity (considering the web team may be more perceptive to feedback than usual after the update - and also while the iron is hot) to make the following suggestion.

Give us access, perhaps in the news section, to a menu entry called "Blogs" which will allow us to easily access previously submitted blog entries in STO, perhaps by category.

For example, I think we have the "Designing the Next Enterprise", "The Road to Free To Play" and "Season 5 Dev Diaries".

Having easier access to the hub pages of those blogs would be a boon, I think. I mean, if I want to revisit things said during the Design The Next Enterprise... I have to do a pretty roundabout search on the web (like, from search engine to an article like to finally find the link accessing to said blog entry I was looking for) to finally be able to access it on Cryptic's STO website.

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