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# 1 Ground Crew Glitch/Bugs
01-12-2012, 02:05 PM
Has any one else had trouble with there ground crew lately?
My past couple missions my ground crew goes crazy running around in circles back and forth it takes forever for them to find the rally point and thats when they do find it even though its right in front of them. They will get stuck at random points either freezing doing nothing and I do not notice until I realize I am 1 or two short I have to then go all the way back and have them follow me. Two of my crewman jumped inadvertently in to the fire caves dying and I had no way to bring them back on bajor during the Pah Wraith mission. (that was slightly amusing) . It happens right as I get well in to the mission not at the beginning but toward the middle it makes completing the mission real difficult

I tried aborting and starting the mission over but it still happens. I did not have this problem before when I played a while ago when I was subscribing. I am thinking this a glitch that might have to do with the F2p the program that govererns character movement is having errors.

Ground crew will not respond to orders run around in circles or freeze, can not find rally points. Use abilities when not under attack. Jump in to fire caves

Question? Has anyone else had this problem?
Possible Bug concerning character movement
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# 2
01-13-2012, 04:51 AM
Mine have been doing this since Season 4 was released. Interior maps like the Axon in Skirmish are particularly bad with the protruding beams constantly keeping them snagged until I go back and run behind them. they'll usually follow again and miss the object this time around.

The Bajoran Fire Caves have been a problem since the first time I played them (June 2010 IIRC) and from before then according to the forum posts I've seen. The problem seems to be the way they jump around when they try to attack through a solid object (in this case the railings on the walkways). They try to jump over the obstruction but in this case it means they fall into the lava and can't be reached again until the mission is either restarted or completed.
A work around I've found is to keep them on passive; they won't attack anything or try to avoid incoming fire but by using the 'Attack my Target' command they'll attack without jumping around which usually allows me to get all of them to the end. Leaving them to there own devices will usually have me trying to solo the boss at the end.
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# 3
01-19-2012, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by Samurai-5
Has any one else had trouble with there ground crew lately?
Yes. Not just lately, it's been ongoing and there doesn't seem to be any indication of it getting fixed.

The Fire Caves are a great example of how poor the BOFF AI is. As far as I remember (and don't quote me on this), it was bad in Season 1, got much better in Season 2, became broken again sometime during Season 3, and has been broken ever since then.

I hate ground missions so much for two reasons; one of which is the bad BOFF AI. It's frustrating and a complete waste of time to continuously run back to collect my BOFFs because they can't follow me around a simple corner. Many of the corridors in this game appear 20 feet wide or more in scale in order to allow room for the BOFFs to not get stuck.

The other reason ground missions are frustrating me is because of a strange glitch where my screen flickers once, then freezes during ground combat, while the action continues. I have to quickly alt+tab out and in to fix it, and that costs me two seconds, where I end up almost getting killed usually.

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