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01-12-2012, 12:26 PM
Dear cryptic studios incorporated,
May I ask a few questions referring to star trek online? What is your business plan? Who is your target market? To me, 95 percent of your gaming population have expressed a want for new content. Yet you have not given them the new content that they have been asking for. Instead you have been creating new starships. New starships are not what the population wants. It is my understanding that you have a voice with the players in terms of what they want. By observing you have not been listening two your players. As of right now your target audience does not like the way you are handling things. By refusing to put out more content you are pushing away your loyal players. From the way things look and from your actions your way of course.

When thereís been nothing new with star trek online in some time in regards to new content. This is only going to hurt your future free to play audience. They will experience the same problems that youíre paid players are experiencing now with your lack of content development. There is a whole section of community authorized material that you can use as featured episodes. That has not been done, and it is a very good idea. You should also know that the featured episodes where a player based idea. As in fact you were listening to your players as you say you were then you would have already been aware of the idea.

STOked has stopped transmitting podcasts because you have not been pointing anything new out. A lot of people follow STOked and by not puting content out you are only hurting yourselves. I have been a follower of STOked for a long time and I have been following your transactions with Perfect World in terms of watching STOked and listening to the observations of other players. It is my understanding that you receive monetary support from Perfect World. What in the prophetís great name have you been doing with that monetary support? Have you been using it for the transaction to free to play? Have you been using it for starship development? Like Iíve been saying from the playerís perspective you are not creating new content which is what the players want. So tell me then why are you putting in funds and resources into developing something your players do not want? Are you honestly looking to fail?
In conclusion, thereís nothing bringing me back to play STO. I am a very passionate star trek fanatic, it is sad to see a game was so much potential to fail or even to go down the hill in a manner star trek online has been. This feels like a another star trek enterprise reboot. As you recall star trek enterprise was not a very well like series. Itís attempt to reboot the genre has failed. The 2009 star trek movie did not do that as well. Star trek online could be capable of restarting the series of star trek. Star trek online is capable in producing the creative ideas and lots of fan based productions. And not let this fail. The game is in your hands as well as the future of star trek itself. It is recommended edge and listen more intensively to your players, to the people that play your game, to the people who are buying your product at a subscription rate to give them what they want. If youíre going to have been one on one social basis that your players you need to listen and what the majority wants needs to be taken into serious consideration.

As of now I am not at all impressed with the way cryptic and perfect world have been handling the application of star trek online.
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01-12-2012, 12:48 PM
very well said
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01-12-2012, 09:10 PM
Originally Posted by zombietrucker View Post
very well said
Well, i was using voice to speech software and didnt read over the post. i did see a few mistakes. the general idea gets out there though.

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