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Originally Posted by Searcher-Soldier
Space combat certainly seems to be the more popular and 'sexier' part of the game. Fair enough. I love my space/ PvP friends, they contribute a lot to the game's success and that's good for them, Cryptic, me... everyone.

I am a ground lover, but it's because I care about characters and story. Being transmogrified into a shiny (if sexy) metal box is not interesting for me. Kind of reminds me of that part in 'Crazy People' where Dudley Moore asks his friends in the nut house 'who wants to be a fire engine' and they all raise their hands. I do like my ships, but more in their (sadly limited) role as flying home/mount. I have never played any end game content in any MMO, it sounds boring, and I probably never will. But I will probably keep unlocking new costumes and bridge packs until the cows come home -- as long as I still enjoy gallivanting around the universe.

But I want STO to be the best Trek game it can be so I want it to have 'really good' space and ground combat. Not 'great' or 'the best'? Yes, based on the law of diminishing returns, I suspect that people will still rave about the part they like better and feel a bit 'meh' about the part they don't, even if Cryptic wastes resources squeezing out that last 10% of 'awesomeness' in both categories.

I do want all aspects of the game to be really good. I try to leave the in depth critique of the game mechanics, balance issues, combat engine and which skills/ powers are 'valuable' to the folks who care more about that sort of thing than I do.

So is it realistic or wise to say that 'no one cares about ground'? Not at all. Even some of the more competitive gamers seem to think that the ground game has made good progress in terms of game play. Do I hope that Cryptic continues to improve the items on the pure-space-PvPer wish list? Absolutely -- at least until Cryptic hits the point of constant returns to scale on that front.
Great points and I personally lean towards your way of thinking. The interior of the ships could be used far more than currently. I want to fly my ship from the bridge and see stars flashing by.

Star Trek legacy was a fine game but without ground it was always shallow. Can you imagine STO with only space ships? I just would not play at all.

My greatest thrill in this game so far was getting the Accolade for completing all STF optionals on normal, it was difficult on Cure and Infected but i did it with help of my fleet mates. I can now proudly sport the title MACO Team Specialist and will definitely be going after the Elite optionals next, who knows, I may even find some prototype Borge Tech (ROFL, stands up, checks email and finds a Jem'Hadar ship from a well wisher) LOL but I will strive for that because it's what ST is all about, trying to improve oneself and not blaming your own short comings on others or the environment.
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Originally Posted by TFR_MACO_Specialist
With respect almost everything you have said is absolute nonsense. I suggest you play the game and actually learn how it works before posting. In addition your signature shows that you have your own bash Cryptic agenda so I really don't see any point in continuing this discussion.

Good day to you sir
Every now and then you find that brilliant spark of Genius....

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