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01-17-2012, 02:09 PM
I switched from the Mk X Phaser Hvy Dual Cannons and Turrets (can't recall if they were the emblem ones or crafted) to Mk XI Anti-Borg Antiproton Hvy Dual Cannons and turrets. With the inherent [+20% CrtD] from Antiproton, it was a direct upgrade with a chance at bonus damage vs. Borg (It was like getting the [Borg] modifier for free) and since I'm mostly on STFs lately, that has worked out well. I just got the Borg Quantum Torp but have not tried it in combat yet.
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01-18-2012, 05:53 PM
Hm...well, maybe it's me then...
I also have a Grumba and I swapped recently to all borg Mk XI weapons from my standard vrMkXI weapons and it sure seems to melt Borg ships in the STFs.
I didn't even bother going for the new sets since I already had the "retro" borg set, which seems to be doing just fine.
Once I got to full borg weapons load out, I switched to the Elite versions and I can still rock the Borg.
At least repeating them on normal for a cple weeks helped to understand how the mission works so you get to where all actions are almost automatic rather than having founder thru them while getting killed 10 times...
like I see some still doing....

Donno...I had all purple Mk XI gear before and I did notice the slight decrease in dps in the descriptions, but I hit that bonus special borg damage thing a lot, more than making up for the loss in basic dps.
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01-18-2012, 06:00 PM
Ironically projectiles, which you didnt swap, out always do bonus damage including through shields.

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