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01-13-2012, 12:46 PM
I love the duty officer system. It feels like I am truly the Captain of a ship. The procedure I follow from log in until I actually get underway for a mission evokes the daily routine from my own halcyon days aboard ship IRL.

Log in (First call to Morning Muster)
click flashing Duty Officer button to check on what was completed (Muster is taken, department heads reporting those present or accounted for, sick bay reporting casualties and idlers)
Plan assignments based on officers available (Meet with Department heads and assign tasks, turn to ships work)
Pick up a mission, and go!

I especially like when in the middle of combat I get a assignment completion notice, and I see the DO button flashing… (“General, Bekk Vorek has reported back from his assignment with plasma burns and is receiving treatment in sick bay” “Very well, wait one.” Pewpew pew “Sick bay, report!”)

Kudos to Cryptic for completing the immersion, at least for me.

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