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As it stands now the current leveling pace is a disaster, IMHO.

You can comfortably level up doing only DOFF missions, at least the first three ranks up to Captain.

This is what basically drove me nutts back then 1.5 years ago, when it was too easy also!
But now itīs just laughable.

Either reduce the amount of XP for DOFF mission (and ONLY the normal XP, rest seems OK), or radically rework the damned leveling tree(PROTip: NOT LINEAR!).
Of course by now itīs too late for the F2P launch, and I fear it will be an unmitigated disaster.

Maybe Iīm too dramatic, but I canīt see how leveling through all the content in a day to then get stuck on the commander ship while your char is nibbling well through VA can be anything but a frustrating experience.

Just as a heads up, you donīt gain customers by frustrating them!
Especially free to play.
And catering to the adolescent ADD/"leveling is soooo boring" crowd is supremely shortsighted (to put it in a way that doesnīt get deleted by mods ).


P.S. I know I wonīt get any from Cryptic.
As they either didnīt even bother to play their own game for even a week. And sadly seem to have a hard time differentiating between valid critique and insults.
Lt. Commander
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01-13-2012, 01:37 PM
Yeah, this was just discussed yesterday. And I'm just going to quote Stormnnorm, because I agree with everything he said in that thread.

Originally Posted by Stormnnorm
I think you misunderstand. To Cryptic, this is the normal leveling rate. And honestly, to some degree, I have to concur. If the current leveling rate on Holodeck is what it was on Tribble, then it feels about right. If you started a new character at lvl1 and played the missions straight through, you more or less hit the level cap by the time you finish all the story missions. Which kind of is the way it should be. If a new player started the game at level 1 and played the story missions straight through, and only ended up at say rank Captain when he completed all the available mission content in the game, how would that look? He'd recognize that repetitious grind would be needed to truly "finish" his character progression and probably quit. On the other hand, if he hits VA shortly before he has exhausted the available missions, then he would be incentivized to go buy fancy VA level ships to finish the missions.

However, just because it's balanced between advancement and available content doesn't mean it's right. It only serves to show how ridiculously little content there is in the game.

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