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Now I don't really believe the rewards for playing Foundry missions are very, well... good. I mean sure you could say playing a Foundry mission and experiencing a new story, meeting new characters and having fun is a good enough reward but...

I honestly think it would be really cool if Cryptic could combine the Foundry missions with the DOff system, and by that I mean authors create missions, then suggest a character to be created as a DOff. Cryptic review the mission and if it fits certain criteria and conforms to the Foundry EULA, then if possible once the mission completes, either one of the following could happen.
  1. Completing a Foundry mission grants a new DOff as a reward.

  2. Completing a Foundry mission unlocks a new assignment which grants a new DOff.

I have a level 31+ KDF Foundry mission called "Silence of the Targs" in which you meet a character called K'nible L'k'tur who is a Klingon Doctor and a cannibal. I plan to have him show up in other missions, but with little to no focus on him unless I make a mission called "K'nible Rising"... lol

This is a picture of him (click), if you're interested and should you find the time I think you'll enjoy playing "Silence of the Targs" which is Live on Holodeck and you can Play it your Way! - Read more.

So I understand that creating unique DOffs by hand is a time consuming task, but if you have any thoughts on this idea, I'd love to hear them and I'm sure others would to.



Here's another pic of the Doctor (click), who will be guest starring in my next mission "Where Angels Fear to Tread".

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