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# 1 How I Build A Ship
01-16-2012, 07:24 AM
Well hellow fellow captins and sto lovers of all sizes and shapes. The following is my way to build a star ship i have often been complemented on my ship builds so i fidgured i would share my processes. My main toon is an engineer and i fly all 3 types of ships and i feel that they are sucussfull builds. This is simply to be a templet and the views and expressions of this artical are of me and me alone!

The first step in building a ship is to decide on your carter or rather their disaplin as im shour all of you know. Now you should spend some time familurising your self with the new skill revamp. you want to skill in things that you feel that you are going to use in consecutive builds that will suppoart your sytle of flying. after you have specked your self how ever you like your next step in the process should be given some great thought. the question you are asking your self is what do i want this ship to be able to do? what i mean buy this is do you want your ship to be a dps build or do you want it to be a tank that can dish out dammage but soak up 2ce the ammout it puts out. this is the key componit on how i build each of my ships. once you have decided on what you want your ship to do then you can start picking out what type of ship would be best suited to your needs based on hull strenght counsel load out and moast importantly your crew ablitys. i usualy stick with the same abilitys on a cruser so far as being able to soak up damage. i guess what im saying is that you will want to familerise your self with a few key abilitys based on the type of ship that you plan on building is cruser escort or sci . you should know how they work so that you implment them on each type of ship you plan on building and then with a litle bit of commen sence and a lil bit of tryal and error you should be able to build any type of ship that you please!
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# 2
01-16-2012, 07:55 AM
I realize it may not seem fair, but people will judge the value of the information you present by how well you present it. A solid block of text riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors gives people the impression that you don't have anything worthwhile to say.

I'd recommend breaking up that large block of text into a few paragraphs, and running the whole thing through a spell-checker. If nothing else, you can get a spell-checker for the Firefox browser, and probably some of the others. Or download OpenOffice, the free MS Office replacement and put your text into that, and run the spell-check.

Whether you think it matters or not, other people do think that decent spelling and grammar are important.

Now, I did read through your post, because I'm always looking for other people's ideas, and I agree with the basic theme of your post: pick a path and stick to it.

But I'd also like to see more detail in HOW you build a ship to dish out DPS, or to soak up damage and survive. Which powers/skills do you pick for which purpose? What do you think helps? What do you think is useless? And why?
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# 3
01-16-2012, 08:15 AM
It seems a little vague at first, but if you read it with an Eastern European accent it becomes crystal clear.

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