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# 1 My New Foundry Missions Website !
01-16-2012, 10:04 AM
Greetings STO Players...

The rules state no posting of URL's in the foundry

I have noted that in our profiles we have a URL link to our website !

I will have a Youtube account and site setup to 'Roleplay' the mission scenarios when they become available...and let you all know.

It will probly be a few months before any of them are ready as I just started and have to play thru several Foundry missions myself!

Stay Tuned!

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# 2 My Foundry Missions !
01-16-2012, 07:33 PM

I finally got into the Foundry editor after the server crash - nothing but awesome !

I mean basically it is very easy to use - took me an hour to learn and setup a space mission; I have had some previous mission building experience that helped.

Now that I am in, I have a plan for a lengthy will be a series of missions to an endgame probly, but pretty basic altogether for my first series.

I need to increase my learning curve for us to get the most out of the missions though so it will be a month or more before I get any published..the authored missions out there are great and I need to review them so I can learn from that aspect as well.

Stay Tuned !!!

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# 3
01-22-2012, 04:13 AM
Great to hear look forward too it. The foundry community is really good with questions, so if you have any don't hesitate. Perhaps you'd like to check out
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Dear forum moderator and others - Welcome for I have returned finally after several months and what seems as more problems with some notoreity fixes needed here...just saying...if you look at these posts now you see that I have been a member since Dec 2007 - NICE ! Told ya so !

At least the search functions are working and I found this post so I will continue here for now...

The above posts in this thread may be outdated but for now I am Live Streaming Demos and Instruction as it seems to be wroking again and I have a faster computer which the Foundry seems to like better.

I Live Stream here almost every night doing something or other..tonite it's The Foundry Missions:

I have no way to add my SIG below and it seems as there are no options being that 'Arcgames' is entirely different from this forum location so I dont know what gives there these people here are always changing things.

For now wish me luck - I have to learn to and I am gettin slower all the time but I watched a video on the Foundry tonite it was almost 3 hours long - I gonna keep trying to get a DEMO out that is less than a half hour to get all the basics down; practice practice practice...The Foundry does have a learning curve but once you understand a flow of things it isnt so bad; aterall it will be my Role Play home for STO for years to come and some day it will get posted LIVE !


Commander Zeta - Lost In Space ..

Well now found recently searching for his home planet which was actually found in archives somewhere if they still exist...

(PS I stream almost every nite - but I will announce my STO streams here when they go live - like Tonite - IE NOW !!)

(PSS: When the RP Missions go LIVE I will start out the RP for ya'll in The Galactic News Network whenever they start liking me here and get those RED WORDS off my forum !)

Hey hey now!


Seriously folks, if a thread hasn't been responded to in 30 days please don't bring it back up If you feel you need to continue the thread by all means make a new one!



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