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01-17-2012, 06:40 AM
Originally Posted by P-A-T-H-F-I-N-D-E-R
Heck ... They run normal STFs and are just as clueless there as well. Don't even care for advice on who to do it right.

:::: shakes head sadly after facing three on three different occasions yesterday alone.

And something I've come to realize is that I'm betting we have an influx of newbies in STF right now because of the early F2P access.

Think of what is yet to come with the gates opening today.

But ... hopefully ... things will settle down again after a time.
I've found that of the new players you have two groups; those that aren't quite sure what to do or used to know but have been away a while and have forgotten. They usually won't say they aren't sure but if you spot them doing something wrong and ask them they'll say they're struggling and will follow advice; I love these guys as they want to improve.
Then you have the Kirk's. These guys don't know but think they do, won't follow advice (because they already know and you're wrong) and also for the most part don't know how to play there class. These are the guy's that will ruin the run every time and the majority of STFs I've left uncompleted are because of an abundance of these (I did have a PuG of 3 of the first group that failed yesterday but they did improve a lot and learn but none of the Sci's had medic kits so we're far too squishy. Hopefully they all have them now as just a single Medic would have had them complete the instance).
If we get an influx of the first group then I'm happy but if i's the second group then I have a painful future of STF PuGs ahead of me.
Lt. Commander
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01-17-2012, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by BlackV7
No offense friend, I find it ironic that an inexperience player is complaining about other inexperienced players.
There's a difference between being new to STFs and being new to Elite STFs. I'm speaking about people who don't bother to learn the ropes on normal, and instead jump straight into Elite. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that every player joining Elite STFs has run them at least a few times on normal, so that they at least know the mechanics of the level such as how to lower the borg shields using the tripod things on Cure ground, or how to activate the consoles on the final room in Infected, etc.

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