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06-20-2012, 08:39 AM
Welcome my friends. I am Xander, the lead officer of the STO Roleplayers Guild. The STORPG is a group of Star Trek enthusiasts that have enjoyed the art of RolePlay or "Method Acting" for years on end. Now we want to bring that to you.

We are no doubt, the largest RP only fleet on STO. With over 450 active characters, there are thousands of storylines for you to get involved with.

We currently serve on STO, TOR, and now have a Tactical Realism Unit on Armed Assault 2. For those who like more personal communications we also offer a teamspeak server. Heck we even have our very own DJ on

Simply find any member on DS9 in quarks or just look for any STO Roleplayers Guild member. You can also visit us on tell them Xander sent you.

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