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Episode: Bringing down the House
Mission: Here we go again
Reproducibility: Rarely
Location: Forcas III

Description: once I reached the room where Tarsen was located, I cleared the area and I went on to kill Tarsen. However, instead of beaming up from the spot (as Tarsen was supposed to), he just sat there, doing nothing. I was able to shoot at him until he was left with the minimum possible HP. When that happened I struck him with absolutely everything I could but he would not die. And of course he would not die because he was not supposed to die there. Moreover, if Tarsen is pushed over the balcony he will automatically go back to his usual spot and he will again stay there, doing nothing. I had to reset the mission in order to complete it.

NOTE: I added one screenshot describing the bug. The screenshot can be found at the given URL's.
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12-03-2012, 10:29 AM
I have also just got this bug

Don't think i can be bothered doing the mission again, so clearly no attempt to fix this has been made.

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