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# 1 On emotes..
01-18-2012, 06:14 PM
Question for DEV's or any player that knows.

After the wonderfull dance party contest at Drozana on the 17th I now want to be abe to shut off broadcasting of emotes into local chat!! ( I had so much fun mixing emotes into dance moves I want to do more of it!) But I don't want to mess with folks conversations while I'm doing this!

So.. I know that you can turn off the local text for each emote if you type it into the chat line, but that real inefficient.. and I'm a lousy typist besides!

Is there a command I can type into the chat that shuts the broadcasting of emotes off untill I either reset it back to an on state or log out (which I would assume would reset this temporary state)?

If not in chat in game then perhapes a command that can be loaded via the launcher?

Thanks in advance.

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