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  • Selecting Transwarp to Gamma Orionis no longer places the player in Battle Group Omega.
  • Moons should no longer appear partially transparent.
  • Atmospheres on planets should appear as normal when in system space.
  • Updated text for several Klingon ship descriptions to remove typos.
  • Added a Tip jar for the Foundry!
    • Now you can donate dilithium to your favorite Foundry authors.
  • Updated the tooltips on unlockable emotes.
  • Seeds of Dissent: The prompt to beam up the purifiers no longer appears near DS9 unless you have the mission or are eligible to start it.
  • The map and minimap zoom functions should now work properly on Qo’noS: First City.
  • Updated more textures to work around an Nvidia driver bug with DX11.
  • Updated the Enterprise Era Bundle so it no longer displays as purchased after purchasing just the NX Class Starship.
  • If you activate a transwarp ability while you are already at the destination location, you will not "re-transwarp" and your transwarp abilities will not go into cooldown.
  • The Horta is craftable once again.
  • Updated star cluster maps to remove extraneous Vulcan statues.
  • Updated the Borg ship in the tutorial so its shields are now visible.
  • Updated the primary fire FX for the Fed elite weapon.
  • Players can no longer access the Dilithium exchange while in the foundry.
  • Duty officer assignments no longer differ when hopping from bridge to bridge.
  • In the Foundry it is no longer possible to use copy and paste to place more actors and encounters than the budgets allow.

  • First round of Ground STF Set Rebalancing -- See this thread for patch notes:
  • The Magnometric Overload console targeting arc has been broadened, making it easier to target enemies with.
  • Reduced the Auxiliary power drain from the Kar'fi Phase Shift.
  • Shield Generator Bridge Officer abilities now improve when you increase its rank.
  • Updated Ground and Space Threat control skill:
    • It now properly generates threat.
    • Players will now properly receive a damage resistance bonus in space when adding Starship Threat Control skill points.
  • Updated the Breen transphasic cluster torpedo so that it should no longer detonate until it is close to its actual target, rather than immediately detonating if it passes too close to any enemy.
  • Improved all Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid beam arrays.
  • Updated all Electro-Plasma Cannons.
    • They are now Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid cannons.
    • They now apply both plasma and disruptor procs.
  • Fixed typos in short descriptions for "Teamwork" and "Spiritual" traits.
  • Updated space difficulty slider.
    • NPC ships get less HP and Shields, but slightly more damage at higher difficulty.
  • Updated Injury pack descriptions.
  • Updated the Pig-headed trait so it properly only triggers when you are hit with a critical hit.
  • Changed name of T3 Excelsior console from Transwarp Coil to Transwarp Computer.
    • This is just a name change

Duty Officers:
  • Added replicatable Hologram duty officers.
    • As you gain commendation tiers in the Medical, Military and Engineering commendation categories, you gain the ability to use your ship's replicator to manufacture holograms of three specializations at increasingly higher cost and quality.
  • Modified text to indicate that commodities can be drawn from the bank for duty officer assignments.
  • Added Armory officer to slottable options for ground experimental assignments.
  • Asylum assignments now have a chance to give nothing in return. Those cheapskates. Overall odds have been adjusted.
  • Reduced number of refugees granted from colonial efforts assignments.
  • Reduced casualty rates for Receiving Dignitaries assignments.
  • Fixed several Accolade point reward issues where the correct number of Accolade points were not being granted.
  • Fixed an issue where Purchase Turret assignments were not giving the correct size of stack.
  • Cleaned up some potentially confusing specialization requirements for some skill buff assignments.
  • Corrected misspellings in several assignments.
  • Retrofitted Third Party Peace Talk assignment for more realistic odds and casualty chances.
  • Fixed bugged rewards for Gagh assignment.
  • Adjusted commodity requirements for Colonial Resupply Industrial Replicators down and Water Purifiers up to make the difficulty of acquisition more consistent.
  • Standardized buff assignment durations to avoid weird reward bracket overlapping.
  • Added a KDF refugee recruitment assignment.
  • Many assignments that were not giving correct Dilithium rewards on critical outcomes have been fixed.
  • Fixed some Alien bridge officer acquisition assignments that were incorrectly giving Andorians instead of generic Aliens.
  • Added a chance of a blue quality Liberated Borg duty officer reward for a critical success of the Reclaim Drones duty officer assignment.
  • Assignments will no longer show on some mission assignments they were incorrectly showing up on.
  • Reduced casualty rates for Colonial Support Efforts assignments.
  • Fixed human renegade Doctor duty officer to properly use the KDF ranking scheme.
  • Added flavor text for Attend a Security Seminar assignment.
  • Updated EMH assignments to utilize new Photonic duty officer trait.
  • Duty officer active roster Matter-Antimatter immobilization power should now only affect foes.
  • Increased the proc chance for active roster Deflector officer power.
  • Fixed quality progression for active roster Tractor Beam power. (White quality was erroneously higher than higher quality officers).
  • Increased the proc chance for active roster Systems Engineer power.
  • Increased the duration for active roster Hazard Systems power.
  • Active roster Photonic Studies officer's ability to affect cooldown should now apply and be triggered by Photonic Displacement and Photonic Shockwave Torpedo.
  • Significantly increased the duration of the active roster Warp Theorist Tachyon Beam turn rate debuff.
  • Increased the proc chance for active roster Doctor power.
  • Removed ground skill buff assignments for careers that cannot take advantage of them.
  • Adjusted durations for skill buff assignments to avoid some bracketing issues that resulted in some shorter assignments actually granting more rewards than some longer assignments of the same type.
  • Added a refugee-acquisition assignment for the KDF.
  • Added a chance on critical success for a blue quality Liberated Borg duty officer of a specialization not currently available as Liberated Borg via the very rare Reclaim Borg Drone assignment.
  • Map Chroniton Traces assignment will now give the correct critical rewards.
  • Updated commodity item text to communicate that commodities can be used in assignments and missions from your bank; this is a text change only, the existing functionality has been present for a while now.
  • Fixed "Attend Introductory Course on Suus Machna" critical rewards.
  • Adjusted "Turn in Contraband" assignments to require more contraband but to reward more heavily.
  • Increased rarity of purple assignments.
  • Fixed a bug where Emergency Medical Holograms were inadvertently being given out.
    • Existing EMHs will not be affected by this and will remain as legacy duty officers
  • Fixed typos on some "Military Offensive on Honod" assignments.
  • Fixed bad slotting requirements on "Transfer Prisoners to Starfleet" assignment.
  • Adjusted "Compete in Ushaan Competition" trait modifiers to work better.
  • Fixed too-low rewards for "Instigate Feud" assignments.
  • Significantly reduced casualty rates for "Repel Raid" assignments, the assignment that sometimes automatically chains off of certain Colonial star cluster assignments, re-rigged the outcome math to be more responsive to traits, and substantially improved the rewards for completing the assignment successfully.
  • Fixed erroneous Klingon species designations for KDF Mirror Universe Terrans.
  • Fixed some traitorous Klingon colonists who were agreeing to colonize worlds for the Federation. They won't try that one again...
  • Marauding will no longer sometimes erroneously give KDF prisoners.
  • Re-rigged, adjusted, and added proper warning text for "Forced Labor" assignments.
    • Also substantially improved Dilithium rewards to take into account you should be getting more Dilithium from an assignment than a simple dismissal.
  • Shortened duration for "Uncover Intelligence Leak" assignment.
  • Replaced Gorn Refugee from Fed Diplomacy T2 Commendation stores with Gorn Warp Theorist.
  • Duty officer Matter-Antimatter active roster ability, chance of immobilize when vent radiation, will now only affect foes.
  • Duty officer booster packs can no longer be used until at the appropriate level.
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01-26-2012, 10:17 AM
  • New flyouts UI!
    • Item and numeric reward overhead flyouts have been moved to a special chat popout.
  • Improved icon art for all qualities of Unreplicatable Materials.
  • Unique icon art has been added for large shield, auxiliary, weapon and engine starship batteries.
  • Added new icon art for the ground STF set powers Adrenal Booster, Distortion Field, and Emergency Shield Capacitor.
  • Holding down the left/right buttons in the daily events will now continuously advance the event list, instead of just advancing once.
  • The Remove From Active Duty button is now disabled if the reserve roster is filled.
  • The scanning minigame stays now above the contact window and will not lose focus when another window comes up.
  • Added an option, in basic options, to turn off the auto-hail feature.
  • Changing a new Bridge Officer's Biography no longer changes the main character's biography.
  • Visiting a Ship Repair contact will no longer display the Captain as the default selection.
  • Increased the default width of the store and retrain windows.
  • When an event occurs more than once in a day, the transwarp button will always be enabled when the event is active.
  • The skill window will no longer display skills when in space and have your ship selected.
  • Skill-Based statuses now indicate when points have been spent in the applicable skills.
  • Updated the skill UI to indicate when it’s not possible to spend more points in either space or ground.
  • Updated the skill UI so that new tiers to train in light up as they are unlocked.
  • Updated Character Creation UI: Renamed button to “Customize Traits” and moved it out of the bottom window border.
  • The Beam to Ship button is now disabled during the tutorials.
  • Chat Settings now correctly update after clicking Reset All Tabs and Chat Settings.
  • Ground Powers no longer report incorrect amount of damage while in space.
  • The Tier 3 Excelsior C-Store item has an updated icon and image previews.
  • The calendar change month buttons work as expected again.

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