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Hey everyone,

I'm Mike, the co-host of The Return Fire Podcast (a general gaming podcast) and tonight we're streaming our weekly live show (9pm UK which the internet reckons is 1pm Pacific ...but she's lied to me before) from inside Star Trek Online celebrate the launch of Free to Play and because I'm fairly obsessed with the game, and so any excuse to be honest

If you're free and fancy some giggles then come and join myself, Alex and Ade as we chew over the weeks news, discuss our current obsessions and call each other names. There's a video feed from the interior of one my (many) ships and a live chatroom.
It's a very friendly show and generally a couple of hours of raucous laughter which usually starts to get noisy about 8:30pm with the show expected to start about 9pm.

It would be lovely to have some STO fans in the chatroom to defend me!

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