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Lt. Commander
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Hello All,

I just thought I’d throw my current Vo’Quv build out there and see how it’s received.

I.K.S. Pegasus

Forward Weapons 2 x Mk XI [Borg] Disruptor Turret and Mk XI [Borg] Plasma Torpedo
Aft Weapons 3 x Mk XI [Borg] Disruptor Turret

Deflector: Retro Borg
Engines: Retro Borg
Shield: Mk XII Honor Guard

Science Consoles
Borg, MK XI Rare Bio function, Isometric charge and Mk XI Rare Graviton generator

Engineering Consoles
Magnetometric Generator, Mk XI Field Emitter and Mk X Very Rare Energy Resistance (Tetryon and Plasma)

Tactical Consoles
2 x Mk Xi Rare Disruptor Induction coil

Hangers (Varies)
S’kul Fighters for general PVE
Orion Slavers for STF
Whatever’s needed for PVP

Bridge Officer Setup
Commander Science Station [Borg Science Officer]
Gravity Well 3, Hazard Emitters 3, Tractor Beam Repulsors and Science Team

Lt. Science Station [Dilithium Compensation Bridge Officer]
Transfer Shield Strength 2 and Polarize Hull

Lt. Commander Engineering Station [Liberated Borg Bridge Officer]
ASIF 2, EPTS 2 and ET

Lt. Commander Tactical Station
Torpedo Spread 3, Cannon Rapid Fire and Torpedo High Yield

I’ll be switching out my Borg Science Officer for my Efficient Lethean Science Officer
I’ll be switching out my Tactical Officer for my Efficient Lethean Tactical Officer (has soon has I fine another KDF Tactical Bridge Officer that has Torpedo Spread 3 that does not cost a fortune)

Thanks for your time
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
01-19-2012, 04:44 PM
Certainly an interesting build, however I forsee a flaw. Some of your powers (such as Gravity Well 3, Torpedo Spead 3 and some special consoles) require you to face your target. Now in a Vo'Quv (as I'm sure you're aware of), it is difficult to turn the ship so I'd recommend one of two things, either replace any console/power that requires a 90 degree arc in front of you from activating with something more tanky for your carrier or change an eng and a tac power skill to Aux to Dampers and Attack Pattern Omega respectively.

I'd suggest probably making your Carrier more tanky. It is a big ship with huge amounts of hull so it is great for tanking (argueably the best in the game if used correctly). I'd also recommend replacing Polarize Hull with another Hazard Emitters, this way, it wont interfere when trying to heal (as both Hazard Emitters and Polarize Hull share a global cooldown).

Hope that helps

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