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Hey players and devs!

I just recently found out there was a ground WZ , aside from the Space WZ ive known about for a long time.

I ran it a few times today and I received an amazing piece of loot!

2 Questions....

1) When playing with multiple players, is the person who scores the most points after mission is over and #s are tallied, the ONLY player that recevies a piece of loot? Or does everyone need a certain amount of points to get a reward? I'd like to know please, thanks!

2) For the Ground WZ, as fun as it is, there is ONLY two separate objectives! We need to beam up 5 federation officers/scientists and then click on 4 different machines, afte destrying the turrets defending each (just like borg mobs defend the npcs we need to beam up)

My question is.... can you PLEASE ADD MORE to this? It can be solod by someone rank 40+ in acount 5 mins or a lot faster even! There can easily be way more objectives and its a nice map, where the objective enemies are spread out so far. Heck, random explore this or that system missions, when you have to use an away team on ground, take longer and have 10x more enemies!!!

The Space WZ is wayyyy more HARDER and has 3-4+ objectives and is only soloable if done SLOWLY and carefully, while in the ground WZ ui can half pay attention and still kick buttm, finishing it in a few mins..

If any players are familair and can tell me im experiening BUGs or you agree and want cryptic to change it as well, let me know! Thanks in advance for all responses! S!

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01-28-2012, 04:40 AM
It's only so easy because it sounds like you didn't encounter any other players. The idea is that both factions try to rescue five NPCs before the other then upload 4 viruses to the consoles in the centre before the other does. Whoever does this first wins the instance.
Usually if there's two groups in there it'll descend into a big open warzone with lots of sniping, people dying and not many attempts at the mission; it's usually a lot more fun then.

As for rewards IIRC it's first and second place that receive a reward, it's been a while since I last went in there though so I may be off.
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01-28-2012, 11:41 AM
Oh man that sounds soooooo epic!!!! I stumbled upon the ground WZ at rank 42! They should use it as a new EVENT on our calendars and maybe that will get more peopel to join!

Ive always wanted an open pvp map for ground and space! Maybe a planet, where the surface is open world ground pvp and the space is ship pvp! And maybe we can fly and land and takoff, LOL

Thats down the road. The game is AMAZING! I just wish more people would take the time to enjoy all the amazing parts of the game, instead of evrry1 just level rushing to 50-51 and then doing Fas and STFs, skipping the majority of the games content

As for rewards, there wasnt any enemy players the second time i participated in the ground WZ,. just 2 players and i was 2nd place but didnt get a reward. Maybe with 2 only 1 gets a reward LOL

Thanks for the info S!
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01-28-2012, 01:27 PM
It's quiet at VA but it's still a lot busier than the lower ranks. You'll probably find more in there at VA but most aren't interested in fighting, they're just running the mission.
Occasionally you'll get a fight in there though and the loots pretty decent so it may be worth looking in again at VA.

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