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The subject of this thread is obviously a be odd because I couldn't quite figure out a decent title to present this issue...

Back when STO first launched, those of us who didn't have the latest in Graphic Card tech (I proudly use an ATI Radeon Express 1100, my drivers for it are as updated as possible and like many people do not have the budget to update that), had some rather... unique elements to deal with, such as no lights on the warp nacelles and deflector dishes on every Fed starship and green and black skins on all the weapons. Those graphical issues were fixed back in 2010, however, as we're coming in on the second anniversary of STO, there are some... graphical anomalies that are still all over the place... such as:

1. Invisible walls / bridges on Defari
2. Invisible plants / trees on various maps in Explore missions
3 unable to see tattoos / scars in the tailor when customizing a new character or boff,
4. Black skin effect on ships when using unique shields (Borg / Reman for example)
5. The exterior of ESD looking like the electric bill hasn't been paid (no lights)
6. The Defari system looking like its a a bunch of blocks around the planet

Those are the 6 notables that I have come across over the lifetime of STO since 2-3-10, and everything else in the game looks great (from my limited tech perspective). So hopefully, with the new support of PW, someone at STO can take a little time and make a few tweaks like before to help us 'lower graphic carders' out a bit

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