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# 21
01-20-2012, 10:39 PM
I wish leveling wasn't as quick as it is now. I liked the longer level times in the past, made the game feel bigger and longer, and having more content when it took longer to get to the end. Yep, not real happy myself with the fast leveling.
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# 22
01-21-2012, 03:40 AM
Lack of a playable Romulan faction.
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# 23
01-21-2012, 04:01 AM
Ok, I have a few.

Still difficult to summon friends into your instance.

Starbase 24 requires a que....didn't like that when implemented, still don't care for it. Would rather see a que and an open join.

Leveling process to Captain is still a bit disjointed, should be a smoother process.

Abilities are simplified but many of them still remain unexplained. Needs a short tutorial.

Ship interiors remain anemic. This is ridiculous. Most of the shows and movies centered around the interior of our ship, yet they still remain cattle houses.

Still beaming up to move to tactical view.

Still cant give my crew the same uniform or customize my ready room/quarters.

Turn rates are still a bit too slow for most Escorts.

Still do not have the ability to save a separate uniform set so all my bridge crew can easily have the same uniform when they join.

Crafting is still a bit counter-intuitive. It has improved a bit though.

You still cant mix and match (plugin) ship interiors like you can ships in a certain class.

Still no interactive personal ship interior missions.

Interiors are still missing shuttlebays, cargo bays and observation lounge.

Crew still mostly act like walking zombies.

Still a lack of a portal to view combat stats, information on enemy ships you have encountered, systems you have discovered, etc.

Still no holodeck on our ships so we can invite friends to replay missions with us (no rewards, just for fun/practice).

Many options for appearance still missing from character creator (like full and accurate Cardassian and Jem Hadar appearance options).

There are others, but those are my main gripes from beta and early launch that still remain, will add more later.
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# 24
01-21-2012, 04:06 AM
CE Event, STF Grind, PVP. No new factions. Too much exp.
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# 25
01-21-2012, 04:20 AM
Do you still beam off your bridge to go to sector space view?
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# 26
01-21-2012, 08:42 AM
Oh, and also -

I hate the fact that if you set a course to a system and you happen to brush against one of the sector block borders, your ship comes to a complete stop and your science officer asks if you want to go to the blah blah blah arm, or whatever sector block. 2 things here - we need a ship navigator to make it more realistic, but mainly - if I already set a course for a system, why would I be asked if I want to go somewhere else? There's got to be some code that if you plot a course, the sector borders become negated.
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# 27
01-21-2012, 09:19 AM
I know I haven't 'come back', but if I had, I would immediately point to the exploration system (not anomaly finding).
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# 28
01-21-2012, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by Esquire View Post
For some reason, Cryptic seems to believe that it's fun with the programming method of "programmed to die". In SWG and mostly every other game I've played, death was something to be avoided at all costs, Use every buff you had, run off and come back, etc etc etc. Cryptic has made player death of no importance what-so-ever as some instances are designed and developed that way. Seems all Cryptic knows for making things harder is adding hitpoints, so many NPCs it lags out they're servers, and massive DPS to NPCs. So much for immersion.

Cryptic, how about creating something that makes your players actualy think instead of just spamming the space bar, wait for the respawn timer to run out, just to do it all again? You know, something that requires teamwork, is at least possible, and even a bit of thought process?

I got sucked into a "elite" STF, in fact, last night via our fleet (didn't tell me that was what was intended). When I figured it out (rather quickly with the 1-hit kills) I stated again, for the record, "I do not reward developers by playing programmed to die development". It is basicly waisted development time, for me at least.
can't agree

We have an Injury System for Advanced and Elite difficulties which was implemented exactly because of the die-respawn-die-respawn tactic. I think this came with Season 2 already.

one can argue about the implementation of it, (i would at least force advanced difficulty on players after a certain point, maybe after reaching Captain? but Ctyptic does not want the casual players to be overwhelmed with it (you would not believe how BAD some players are...), so they made it 100% optional,
as i said you can argue back and forth about the implementation, fact is they did something about it and on ELITE STF's it is actually forced on you, just that the injuries disappear after the STF, so you try to stay alive, and in a halfway decent team you can!)
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# 29
01-21-2012, 09:54 AM
why cant my chat stay scrolled, jfc.
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# 30
01-21-2012, 09:55 AM
Almost everything.

I've come back from Beta, having quit before release because of the atrocious ground combat. They've changed it a bit since then but it's still the same RPG select target and press button. The difference is now, you're Boffs won't spend the entire mission running into a wall.

The quest lines, atleast the klingon one, is still atrocious. The story's nice, even got me to read quest text for the first time in a long while. But the actual mechanics, playing the quests is as crap as ever. I will forever remember Cassidy as the worst quest ever. During a radiation leak and everybody is about to die, i can't get the parts i need because i got the garnish in her drink wrong. The amount of text you need to reed and remember just so you can get her a drink, at a completly inappropriate time..... my god. I got it wrong 9 times and i managed to remember the first 3 options from the getgo.

I've relegated the story line because of this to "leveling purposes only". I've pretty much abandoned crafting as well. Works fine for your first ship but as soon as you hit lieutenant it's just more effective to go into a ker'rat warzone and kill borg. Do well, get equipment and after 3 runs, get boff points skill points AND dilithium. Not to mention the ker'rat warzone is the only thing so far i've considered "lots of fun to do". Mostly because it's all space combat. And i'm appearantly good at it because after playing a day i've already got several purples, lots of blues, cash from selling the extra's and 2 fully decked out ships with the 3rd comming. Oh yeah and 20k dilithium.

Right now it's looking like ker'rat + couple of quests here and there untill VA for me, then i'll see if there's any content that'll keep me busy long enough to justify buying a big ship with C-store points. But so far the biggest thing i wish that had changed, but hasn't, is that i'm still very glad not to have spend a dime on this game so far. I wasn't about to get burned again after buying a CO lifetime sub and then having a launch day patch screw up the game entirely. If i'd spent anything on STO so far i would definitly feel burned again.

As a result i'll be quite skittish vs Neverwinter as well. Cryptic simply does not treat it's fans like it should. If anything needs changing, THAT does.

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