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The Legacy of Fate (Part 1) (By Lukterious)

Mission Estimated Duration: 2 Hours

Recommended Level: Any

Faction: Starfleet

Features: Deep Plot Development, Espionage, Mystery / Intrigue, Space and Ground Combat.

Violent and mysterious events unfold around you, as a team of scientists attempt to rediscover an ancient civilization, and bring new insight into the Alpha Quadrants lost history.

Note: This mission is developed in the form of a “Short Novel Mission”; it contains significantly more dialog content and back-story information. The storyline does contain exciting combat and you are also allowed to make decisions that may / will affect the outcomes of certain missions. Making certain “wrong” decisions may result in “Mission Failures”, resulting in your defeat, capture or arrest.

This is part one of a planned three part trilogy, as such it has a reduced level of combat difficulty, that will increase as the plot progresses in the follow-up missions. The second and final chapters of this storyline are in development and will be announced when available.

As the first in the series, this mission sets the stage for the episodes to come; by introducing some of the key non-player characters, areas involved in the plot-line and in general setting the stage for a mystery that only deepens as you progress. This initial mission does have a wealth of “back-story” information, some of which is key to resolving the final outcome in your favor (i.e. a victory).

So, sit back, grab your favorite beverage and a snack and allow yourself to become immersed in Star Trek Online, the Legacy of Fate.


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