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# 1 Purchased items removed?
01-22-2012, 10:37 AM
Where is the ORIGIONAL TOS costume pack? the chars who had it still do, but I was looking for Uhura's skirt and it was nowhere to be found. I looked in the CStore, and it isn't listed under packs OR legacy unlocks.

I'm also wondering where the hell the Galaxy-X went. I have saved enough CPoints to buy one, but they are no longer offered.

What's the deal? Especially with the TOS pack--I PAID FOR IT.

Oh, and i've also noticed I can't equip the Jupiter Veteran on my new chars, nor are any of the above pack even available to them.

I'm not a n00b. I've been playing this since the start, and my account has been active for almost 600 days.
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# 2
01-22-2012, 10:51 AM
if you unlocked a costume already, it should be available in the tailor, you shouldn't have to unlock it for each character
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# 3
01-22-2012, 10:55 AM
The tailor is where I looked. There are pieces, no doubt from the new pack. But some, like Uhura's TOS skirt, are GONE. It's like it's been replaced by newer shinier ones. Again, I'm NOT a n00b. I've looked everywhere it SHOULD be.

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