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02-24-2012, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by MGmirkin
So, stupid question: if it *is* a corrupted .hogg file, can .hogg files be corrupted AFTER they've been downloaded, that is are they modified in any way during gameplay? Or would they be corrupted only during download and/or patching, but not during play; thus, erroring out is simply a matter of encountering the random texture(s) that have been corrupted at some random point or another? Or is it a problem with the decompression itself and NOT the .hogg file(s), in which case we'd have to look somewhere else for a solution than fixing .hogg files?

Just thinking vaguely outloud...

Compression/Decompression algorithms, are simply Garbage in/Garbage out algorithms... If the Input is correct, the output is correct. But if you pass it corrupt data...

Its unlikely to be issue with the decompression itself, as the algorithm is hard-coded in the program. For this to change implies a corrupt program file, (which would probably cause much more serious issues then a decompression failure) And if it was a program error, you would see this happening with all compressed files, not just one..

There is the 'Pie in the Sky' chance of Cosmic Radiation causing a change in your Computer System Memory (which is said to average 1 to 2 Bit Flips a year if you live in a high altitude location such a Colorado. This is the reason why memory with checksum bits exist, to detect and possible correct these kinds of issues) But the odds of this hitting the decompression program in memory is too small to consider possible, plus a system reboot, or simply reloading the program would clear this condition.

Now the conditions that can lead to a file failure are...
  • Read Failure (hard-disk error)
  • Write Failure (hard-disk error, or conflicts with other running programs e.g. Anti-Virus, background disk-scans)
  • Network error (there is a very small chance of a network induced error getting past the network TCP/IP checksum value during a patch download, but this becomes astronomically small if the STO Client is using a crypto-hash integrity check on the file after the download)
  • Hardware induced error (e.g. Bad Memory stick, Hard-Disk sector going bad, lose connection, etc...)
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02-24-2012, 05:34 PM
Hi fellas. Been reading this thread and y'all have my sympathies

Just a thought (and it probably won't work but I haven't seen it mentioned), have you tried deleting the hogg files, running a registry clean-up program, then re-patching and all that?

I prefer CCleaner. You can download it @

I've seen CCleaner fix all kinds of buggardly problems that defy logic. If you do give it a try then repeatedly run the registry scan until it comes up w/ no issues before re-patching.

All right, that was my two cents (although with todays inflation it's probably only worth 1.2 cents)

Best of luck to you
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02-25-2012, 10:50 AM
Still not resolved on this end, we are still trying to figure this out. Mike says its probally not the computer but I am getting fed up and debating about going to Best Buy and complaining about my computer but not sure if its really a computer issue since my older computer that does not support graphics for sto players for hours and hours only down fall to that computer is it takes a bit longer to load screen and getting into a social zone can take a long time depending on the number of instances and the amount of players in that social zone.
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02-25-2012, 11:04 PM
Cryptic we need a solution or at least an update!

These threads need to be merged

The issue is pretty severe not sure what to do. All I want to do is play the GAME. I love STO and I want to play I bought this new computer and bought the life time membership and I want to start going over the top on playing and buying things in the c store but I am not able to play, debating on going to "Best Buy" tomorrow and returning this computer and getting a new one, to prove its not the anti virus. I spent over 800.00 dollars to play STO and I want to play it. I am so upset I can not see straight please cryptic please community help me resolve this!

Since I last messaged....Here is what has been going on.

I deleted the hogg files last night and played this morning it crashed as soon as the featured episode series played, so I re deleted the hogg files and was able to do the "Operation Gamma" mission twice with the same character and the game crashed again. After words I had to leave and run errounds so tonight I decide to try to play the mission again on another character my klingon character and it crashed again!

Not sure what is going on, but when I try to choose the optional objective from one of the characters in the episode I get a general crash not a decompression error file crash it just crashes as soon as I select the second objective. Now this is annoying!

[[Spoiler Alert]]

It forces me to start over from the beginning which is outside of DS9 in Beta Ursa Sector Block. So I click on "Begin: Second Wave" beam to station go see Commander Andrews, she sends me to see delegates, from there I start off with the Klingon General he wants me to assist him so I choose "Plant Listening Devices" and it crashes again and again and again. Besides that when I go to replay the mission from the beginning and I would have to talk to Commander Andrews again and again.

I am talking to a few friends they suggest to re delete star trek online and this time make sure all cryptic files are deleted and removed prior to installing the game again. I am going to do it again and see if it works! I am not going to have anything star trek and cryptic listed on the site!

I deleted all files in the computer did a search on cryptic and star trek and deleted it all asked it to download it and turned off on demand patching and forced it to down load the entire game at once and not in micro downloads. Lets see what this does!
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02-26-2012, 08:39 AM
Go to your game folder /Pıggs/delete all hog files and hog errors and go to Patch/ delete all files in it .

Then Start launcher (as an admin) then go to /options/safe mode (ticked) , disable on-demand patching, force verify (un-ticked), then enter your log in details and log in.

(Make sure run as admin before starting the launcher )

It will start re-downloading 12 GB (fulll game) and problem will be sorted most likely.

On that Note: Some can choose "proxy EU /US and tick "patch via proxy" That can sort some patching issues as well.

If that sorts your problem, do not forget backing up 12 GB and place it on (secondary drive or on flash drive)

Just in case for future (corruption f..k ups via patching).

This is a well known issue (When downloadable content / patching system changes in games after the release), it's not hardware related in most cases.

Also ,run the game in safe mod via launcher always If the error comes again on other chars. In game , you can change the gfx settings to max , so no big deal.
This is kinda workaround for some but at least you can play the game !!!!!
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02-27-2012, 11:25 AM
I've just started getting this error within the last 2 days. Sometimes I can play for hours without any problems and other times I crash within a few minutes. I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one, hopefully that means Cryptic have enough information to come up with a solution.
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02-27-2012, 03:02 PM
i had ths problem with my klink toon only and found out it was the "texture" files in the hogg folder that were corrupted. i just deleted all 3 "texture" files and ran the launcher to re-download the files. Apparently there is an issue with the graphics on the toons pants that was giving me the fatal error. deleting and re-installing the "texture" files (3 of em) seemed to work out 4 me
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02-28-2012, 05:39 AM
Originally Posted by darthpanda16 View Post
If you could please send us DxDiag and HijackThis logs to PWE Tech Support, that will help us to diagnose the problem. It'll be helpful to us if you tell us some of your computer's information, and PLEASE include any screenshots of any bugs or errors that you get.

To create a dxdiag log, go to Start, click on Run (or Search if using Windows 7 or Vista), then type in dxdiag and press Enter on your keyboard.

Click on Save All Information, then attach the text file to this ticket (If on a 64bit system, look for and click on the Save 64bit Dxdiag button beside the Save All Information button).

To create the HijackThis log, go to or then download and install the program.

Click Do a system scan and save a log file, then attach the text file to your reply.

Please do not copy and then paste the text of these logs into your ticket.

We'll take look at these log files and give you feedback on your issue.
I have the same issue. Posted it in this thread: Game Crashes (please merge with this thread if you like)

I've attached the requested files.

I've noticed that I have no crashes on Ganalda, Drozana or in First City. So far all of them has been in the Klingon Academy, the new and "improved" DS9 and on Bajor. I'll update this post as soon as I've tested all the other social areas.

I have previously been able to activate the beam out function before the crashes which have allowed me to test these maps. Now when I went to the Klingon Academy it crashes before the map loads. I do remember there being a problem with the Klingon Academy ground texture on the Tribble server. Might it be that "fix" you applied to it is causing this now?

Also, I would like to know. How many hours is normal for the Cryptic Error program to be sending the report over a high speed cable connection?
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02-28-2012, 01:17 PM
Today I followed the advice in -1PARA-JarHeaD's post, deleted all the Hogg and patch files, disabled on-demand patching, patched everything all at once from the launcher and ran the game in safe mode. Everything was fine for about 20 minutes and then I crashed again just now. I've also tried reinstalling the game, force verifying, deleting just the texture files in the Hogg folder but nothings worked, I'm out of ideas!
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02-28-2012, 01:24 PM
Okay, after going through this post yet again, I'm thinking that this is still related to a bad .hogg file related to the basic Klingon model. I've seen countless issues like this, same error and everything, when folks deleted the bad .hogg file from their local install, repatched to get a good one, they were then able to get back into the game and all was well with the world.

I know you guys have been working on this issue for a while, but everything in my gut is telling me that's the problem.

Ensure that AV and Firewalls are disabled or uninstalled. Kill your .hogg files and repatch. You should then be able to get back online. Let me know how it goes. I promise to work on this till it's fixed.

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