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I understand the website is still in a transition status, but with only a single help box in the tutorial point to shooter mode even existing it will be easy for people to miss it completely. While some of us might dislike shooter mode (I certainly love it), surely as a core feature of Season 4 we can agree that it remains a defining feature of this game compared to others in the mmo market.

Tera Online, releasing in May, will bring another FPS style combat system to the market. This is a major selling point of that game and it will be the first thing people hear when they hear about Tera.

Since STO has this (or a version at least) I feel it should have a front row link on the STO website and feature in more points throughout the game.

This page (inaccessible to those without the link/specific knowledge to find it) does need updating, so Brandonflakes, can you please add this to your list of feedback. Right now, there is just two "Ground Combat Tutorial & Update" videos on the video page which - could mean anything besides a specific FPS-style mode of play - which is very tucked away.

I spent some time talking to the numerous Miranda Captains at Vulcan today, and I can say that the vast majority of them didn't even know this game had such a thing. That is was only a run-of-the-mill traditional click to select target mmo.

Thank you.

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