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01-22-2012, 03:11 PM
It sure would be interesting to do some of those things you mentioned OP, but every game mission would need to be changed so that you don't have to do those things in order to complete the kill 5 groups of spawns objective (common). Thats like 25 ships! I had better set aside an hour.

Starting with baby steps, I would like to simply see the toggle-ablblblblblble option of a HARD disable in combat. What I mean is that once you set your weapons to Disable versus Destroy, you 'kill' the ship but it effectively doesn't blow up. It stays on 1 HP, floats aimlessly, with fire spewing out. It counts as being killed.

This doesn't effect the existing loot drop code too much I should think (ROFL, probably does).
This allows for further additions to be made to the system i.e. what options you might have while it is disabled.(Board/Salvage/Rescue Crew/Take Prisoners).

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01-22-2012, 03:27 PM

you want to hunt down ships in space, disable them, then board and loot them, taking prisoners before either scuttling or taking the vessel for yourself?

if we do that, i demand we change the name to "YAAARR!! Trek" and make eye-patches, cybernetic peg-legs and "nanopulse cutlasses" compulsory.

might work KDF side, but when did Star Fleet ever act like 18th century pirates?

its a nice idea, and i would like to see something like this implemented, could be nice in PvP style, like a one-on-one dual where you need to disable the ship then take control of it, and if your ship it taken down you have to complete tasks to get it working again while fending off assault groups or something.. but its NOT trek
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01-22-2012, 04:37 PM
I am not sure about all-over gameplay, but realistic animations would be pretty cool. You know, like how the beams leave scorch marks on the hull and how torpedoes can hit one side of the ship and tear straight out the other side in a nifty gyser-like explosion. Maybe add in some Borg cutter beams to carve out cylinders of hull.

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