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Originally Posted by Tumerboy View Post
From Here:

Using the printscreen key should put a screenshot into your STO/shard/screenshots/ folder. That could reside a number of places, but the most likely CapnBludd mentioned above.

Keep in mind that each shard will have it's own screenshot folder. So if you're on Holodeck, it will end up in LIVE/Screenshots/ but if you're on Tribble it will be something else/screenshots/.

By default these will be JPGs with no UI at whatever resolution you're running the game at.
You can also type into the chatbox things like:


If you want to make your shots looks really good, change your renderscale (/renderscale #), and then resize the image to fit your monitor after the shot has been taken. The Default is 1
/renderscale 2 will take a shot at double your screen's default dimensions, 3 will be 3 times. Keep in mind, these are rectangular areas, so renderscale 3 is actually 9 times the total pixels.
You should not run renderscales much higher than 2 or 3, you WILL crash the game.

Most screenshots we take will be on a computer running at 1680x1050, and we'll take them at renderscale 2, and then resize afterwards. This gives a cleaner look to things, and provides a type of antialiasing.

In addition, if you are finding that ships/backgrounds are LODing in your shot (that is, they are dropping to a lower resolution version of the model) you can run /visscale # to change the draw distance. 1 is default. Going past 5 is pretty much pointless, and again, may crash your game.

Keep in mind that with both of these, the higher you set the number, the more unstable your game will be. We DO NOT RECOMMEND RUNNING WITH THESE ON ALL THE TIME. They are handy aids in taking screenshots, but are not meant to be permanent fixtures in your game.

Lastly, both commands will take non-integer #'s, and you can go below 1 to allow your game to perform better. i.e. renderscale .5 will be drawing your screen at half resolution. Visscale .5 will only draw models out to half the distance they would normally draw. This can be a boon when your computer starts to chug, but will make everything look pretty ugly.

*Note that abusing these commands is done at your own peril. Tumerboy, his affiliates, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World claim no responsibility to any injury or damage occurring as a result of the use of these commands.
Sweet! Always looking for more desciptions for the special commands so that I can add them to the listing.
Google Doc of Chat Commands

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