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01-30-2012, 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
Realistic answer: There are lots of new people here, since the game just went F2P. Whether those people will stay and spend money remains to be seen. How much of that money goes towards STO's content and not simply to financing other Cryptic projects remains to be seen. It is too soon after F2P to know whether it is going to be a long term success or failure. The game has improved alot since launch, but still has many flaws.
As a Champs player I can answer that. STO will not feel any increase in content unless you count weekly c-store additions. Who knows though? Maybe it'll work better for STO, but adding content isn't really all that important to Cryptic with their current company wide business plan... maybe they'll hire a few foundry authors and get cracking, maybe they won't.

It all depends on what managenement decides to do, stay the course or actually earn their pay by making sensible choices. Much more than STO is riding on this workgin out for them, a successfull F2P copnversion might take off some of the stigma cryptic has built up among the gaming community. A stigma that will negatively affect their release of NW. I haven't heard any rabid calls for yet another Cryptic engine MMO while their previous two games are so widely known as "bad to mediocre" at best. If anything people instantly get turned off by NW being done by Cryptic, they even get sad!

For the sake of staying on topic. I have not brought anyone into STO, I'd just feel guilty if I did.

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